April 8, 2009

Collection Agency

Savannah is a collector.
She collects, well, everything.
There are stashes of paper bits stuffed back in the book shelves. Return envelopes she pulls from junk mail that she has written and drawn all over stacked in her closet and on the counter. Tags from new clothes are kept in a shoe box along with crafts made in Primary.
She is constantly pulling things out of the garbage. Anything that is remotely interesting to her, she keeps. And while she rarely plays with or uses anything from her collections, she becomes devastated, crushed, inconsolable, and appears to feel betrayed when she happens to find something of "hers" in garbage. I have to be extremely careful what and when I throw something away.
But, thanks to her collecting habits, I've decided to start up a new business. Selling rocks and gravel to landscapers.
We have rocks here,

and here,
in here,
over here,
and under here.
Just call 1-800-savannahscollectionagency for rock size availability and for prices. Both are subject to change as our inventory is growing.

I remember collecting craft supplies as a kid. I had boxes and boxes! Then as a teenager, I collected "Mormonads". They literally covered my walls and ceiling. And only friends who saw my room understand just how literal I am when I say, covered.

I have a brother who collected yogurt cups, the ones with the lids. He would always say, "well, you never know when you might need one!"
Oh ya, I know.

What did you collect growing up?

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Heidi said...

This is funny. I collected rocks, too. As I kept moving, I tried to keep it pretty minimal. But I finally got rid of the collection when I moved 3 months ago. It was pretty painful. Maybe after my next move I call Savannah to take some of hers. She has some nice ones! Over the years I have also collected pencils, rubber ducks, and...Mormonads. The large ones covered MY bedroom walls, and I took all the small ones and covered my locker at school with them. I think I still have all of the small ones. But my favorite collection is the one I started in 32nd ward: pictures of Christ.

Mother Smith said...

To look at our home, you'd think I was simply a collector to "dust"!!!As a young girl I collect New York Yankee "baseball" cards...When I got into High School or older, I threw them all away...Little did I know...that I threw away THOUSANDS of DOLLARS WORTH of cards...Had no idea they had any value...except that I was a YANKEE fan growing up...I had all of "Mickey Mantle" cards...Babe Ruth...Yogi Berra...ETC. ETC...Yeah....don't underestimate...COLLECTIONS...before getting rid of your collection...make sure they have NO VALUE...(smile)

Charlynn said...

Benjamin collected rocks for a while. Bekah is collecting hats. She turns anything she can find into a hat.

I collected pencils when I was in grade school and then I started collecting quotes and stories. I'll have to do a post about that some time.......

liliblogs said...

haha, I love it. Your brother's yogurt quote sounds like my grandmother. Coming from the depression era, my mother informs me that she kept _everything_. Including piles of styrofoam meat trays and plastic margerine tubs. And her defense was always "well, you never know when we'll need it--where do the neighbors come when they need something like that?"

It's taken three generations for us to not be quite the packrat my grandmother is--my mom still has lots of stuff, but it's beautiful vintage greeting cards and old dolls and.. and... and I'm afraid I'm doomed when it comes to art supplies...

But you've got me wondering if this current economic crisis will turn us all in collectors again? Interesting. I guess time will tell!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

ha! What I want to know is how did she get those big rocks in there? I think that I collected books, I still have some of them. Other than that, I don't remember collecting much. :(

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Lili, interesting. I never thought about it that way before.
But I suppose that the economic times will have an influence on how we view what we have and how we can make them go farther and last longer... just in case. =)

Tabitha, Haha! Kids are like ants. You'd be surprised what they can lift and move when they want something bad enough. =)

Sara Lyn said...

I am here to testify that Serene's walls and ceilings literally were covered with Mormonads.

I collected everything. Except rocks. School papers, quotes, yarn, stuffed animals, books... (I'm sure you remember.)

jon & kira said...

Serene, your posts are always hilarious. I just had to comment on this one because I was a major collector as a kid. My sister also recently posted on her blog about how her daughters save everything and get so upset when she gets rid of any of their collections. I collected rocks, shells, pencils, bookmarks, stickers, rabbit figurines...hmmm...probably other stuff, too.

p.s. We miss you as our neighbors. You probably won't believe me, but our "new" neighbors are much louder. And they don't have kids!!

Garvin Smith said...

I still collect (very important) stuff. Among my collections of the past were business cards. I even had the famous boxer, Mohommad Ali's card. I gave them all away (thousands) to a girl who was dieing of cancer and wanted to get in the Guiness book of world records. Collections have their use.

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