April 29, 2009

Did I just use the word Mojo?

I think this move has thrown off my blogging mojo. Yes, my mojo. I mean, its not like its a very entertaining thing to read about.

Today I unpacked two boxes.

See? Not very thrilling.

But yesterday, I FINALLY finished cleaning our apartment and turned in our keys. Who knew juice splatters could be found in so many places? I mean, have you tried scrubbing your walls and baseboards lately? No judging until you try it. And, has anyone tried pulling out their refrigerator just to see what might be underneath it? Its amazing how many "lost" items I found under there! I dare you to try it.

Now, its time for the slow, ever so slow process of going through every box and finding a spot for every item. I can see how people get out of control with a move. I just want to go out and buy nice new furniture for my nice new castle! But I can't and I'm not. One item at a time. And yesterday, it was a mailbox. Yes, the necessities of life must come before the not so necessary but ever so desirable things. Sad, but true. I suppose blinds will come next. After all, it is kind of creepy that people can see in your windows at night when the lights are on. Yup, definitely need blinds.

I'm also looking to plant a garden this year. But its looking more complicated than I thought! I mean, in Florida you can more or less plant things whenever you want. But out here, there is a thing called "growing season" and "last frost". Well for heaven sakes, like anyone knows when the last frost will be! Should I start seeds or just stick them in the ground? What kind of bugs should I be worried about? I need an expert, for I am quite lost.

Well, Savannah is laying on the ground meowing to the tune of "I love to see the Temple", Joseph just woke up and is already trying to put a movie on, Jacob is mournfully walking around crying for his sippy cup and Alayna needs diaper attention. I suppose that's my cue. Peace out! (What? Peace out goes with my mojo.)

P.S. I found my camera! Sneaky little thing can't hide forever. I will have pictures soon. Beware!

2 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I understand all those gardening terms. But know them better for the states I've lived in, and Idaho ain't one of 'em. I'm enjoying the idea of Savannah's meowing the song. Good job on getting the apartment cleaned!

Mama Smith said...

I bet when you were done with that apartment...it was a fond farewell to apartment living....!!!! (smile) HELLO...to living in a CASTLE!!! Life is about "Opposition in all things"!!! (smile) and now...the BLESSING because of FRUGAL LIVNG and enduring it well...!!!! ENJOY...this wonderful new blessing in your life!!! A NEW CHAPTER...NEW MEMORIES to write...

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