April 30, 2009


As parents we hope that our children will be better than we are. That they will become great people and do great things. But no one warns you that as parents, we have a tendency to become like our children at times.

Perhaps you may recall my "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk" post that I have referred to before. Imagine my horror, my humiliation, my shame, my total embarrassment when while standing in the checkout line at Walmart, I do the unthinkable. I accidentally knock a gallon of milk off the belt and it breaks open, instantly covering the floor in a white pool mixed with brown as it collects dirt from the floor. AND the lady checking out my items is from my new ward. Go figure.

Yes, slowly I am becoming more and more like my children without ever realizing it. What next? I suppose next time I'll be posting pictures of myself sitting in a pile of rocks in our "back yard" frolicking through the dirt,
gathering rocks for a new rock collection,

playing "king of the hill,"

putting rocks in my pockets so I can find them later in the dryer,
jumping up and down,

and pouring rocks in my hair.

Oh just you wait! One of these days its going to happen, I just know it!

5 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Have they/you started sucking on the rocks, yet? That's a sure sign of, well, something.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I guess there are worse things that could happen. Besides, don't they tell us to be like a little child? :)

Amy H. said...

Hey Serene,

Congrats on the house! How exciting. I'm envious that yours is brand new. Although I love the house Jason and I got, I keep thinking as I'm scrubbing baseboards, kitchen drawers, walls, and etc. that it'd be cool if our house was magically brand new. I read about how you want to start a garden. I don't know exactly where you are in ID, but the first Frost Free Day in Utah county was May 15. (If your climate is much colder than Utah Valley then Memorial Day is probably your first frost free day.) On May 15 all the serious gardeners would plant the following from seeds: corn, pumpkins, zucchine, cuccumbers, squash, and pole beans. Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs people would start from seed around March and they would plant the seedlings in the garden on May 15 as well. If you are wanting to do tomatoes, peppers, and herbs Home Depot or Wal-Mart will have the starters for you. Good luck with your garden. I'm sure you will get tons of advice from locals, but feel free to email me if you're stuck.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, you'll be the first one I turn to Heidi when we all start sucking on rocks.

Tabitha, yes, we are indeed suppose to become like little children, but shouldn't there be a limit? LOL

Thanks so much for the tip Amy! You will definitely be hearing from me VERY soon!

Mama Smith said...

"Except ye be.....and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 18:3) So, Sarah, I expect when we come visit you, again...I will want to see your new "collection" of rocks...(smile)

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