April 14, 2009

What? It was Easter?

I had failed. I had failed miserably.
Even as I walked through the Easter candy isle at the store on Saturday and saw the crazy mayhem of frantic buyers filling their carts full of Easter treats it never once occurred to me that the next day was Easter!
I watched as two college boys, one of which was wearing white pajama pants with candles on them, which, in my opinion is just wrong, walk though the candy isle. The one with the goofy pajama pants said to his buddy, "I want to get her an chocolate Easter bunny!"
In my mind I couldn't help but think to myself sarcastically, "Wow, so much time, energy, and thought! A chocolate bunny, how original".
I know, it was mean, but I couldn't help myself! Then the other kid turned to pajama boy and said, "there's no way she can eat that much chocolate!" So they walked over to the smaller chocolate Easter bunnies.
I scoffed in my head, "Ha! How little does this guy know about girls!" I for one could have downed at least two of those giant chocolate bunnies without breaking a sweat.
Okay, so granted not ALL girls eat or love chocolate as much as I do... but I still scoffed.
But you know what the worst of it is? I had a friend invite me to an "Easter dinner" Sunday night if I was going to stay that long and yet, the wires in my brain did not connect that Sunday was Easter! It wasn't until about half-way home Saturday that it finally clicked in my head.
Oh I'm losing it! Someone please fix me!

When I got home around 6pm, Luke was still at work. He called on the way home to see if I should get anything for Easter from the store.
Naturally all I could think of was candy. But when he arrived home, he announced that all the candy was gone.
WHAT? How can that be? Don't these stores understand that there are people out there who need last minute emergency supplies? There are people out there... somewhere... no one I personally know of course, who have had kids and their brains don't function right anymore!?Why don't stores plan for this type of emergency?
Quick, someone find me the complaint box.

Well, at least Luke was able to snatch an egg decorating kit. We let the kids watch 'The Testaments' movie and talked about the true meaning of Easter, then, because I couldn't take Savannah's begging anymore, we got the eggs ready to decorate.

(sigh) True to Jacob form, he just couldn't resist "taste testing" the really cool looking colored eggs. He also managed to drop and crack every single egg he picked up.

After a while, the kids wanted to experiment with putting the already brightly colored eggs into other colors to make them different.
Before long we had an odd assortment of muddy colored eggs.

Joseph was having some slight issues with his eggs. He would pick one up, laugh and proudly announce that, "Thith oneths my favorite!" Then he would accidentally drop it, cry in despair and declare, "Thith one ith not my favorite anymore!"
He would find another one, hold it up proudly and declare, "Thith one ith my favorite!" Give it a loving squeeze, cracking it and in despair he would put it down and cry, "Thith one ith not my favorite anymore!" Another time we crushed one under his leg where he was "hiding it"
He did that to five eggs in a row before he finally learned he could squeeze them or hide them.

Savannah and I worked very hard on her eggs. All the while a little chick stuck to my face told me what to do.
No, my brain is just fine, thank you. I thought we established that earlier?

But in the end, the boys won. Those little eggs didn't stand a chance.

I didn't even pull out any of my Easter decorations! Oh I failed. I failed miserably.

I think its time for shock treatment.

5 super cool people speak:

Mother Smith said...

Sweetheart...YOU are not LOSING it...it simply comes with the territory...of being a mother of 4 "little ones"....However, do not BEAT YOURSELF UP...You did manage the "egg" decorating...and most important...you brought in Christ into the spirit of EASTER...Most families in America...manage all the CANDY...and highlight the Easter BUNNY, but our Savior is NOT part of the celebration...YOU DID GREAT!!!!

Katherine said...

I'm proud of you. You kept Christ and family time, and you cut out the sugar and commercialism. You are awesome!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

you poor thing! I'm sure the kids were fine though and didn't even notice. They had their eggs to decorate and looked perfectly happy doing it! Btw... I was one of those last minute Saturday shoppers too and I was shocked to find that Target had absolutely no more Easter basket grass left. none!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

(sigh) See? Stores are completely unprepared! LOL

I think I will have to put together an egg hunt though. Savannah was pretty bummed she didn't get to do one.

Marcie said...

ooh so cute! looks like you guys had a good time!

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