April 9, 2009

To Give a Candy a Name

Last minute trip to see the doctor equals, no babysitter and no nap for Jacob.
It was just a quick check-up but taking all four kids is, well, memorable. Luckily my doctor's nurses are awesome and entertained them... or rather, my kids entertained the nurses. After receiving the suckers that my kids associate with my doctor's office the boys were running down a little hallway and slamming themselves into a door while Savannah acted all cool and grown up by telling the nurses that "boys are so silly." Once back in the car, I remembered that we were out of baby wipes. Not a single once existed in the house which makes nasty jobs nastier. So, veering off course I stopped off at Walmart. After receiving the usual three or four, "Wow, you have your hands full!" I proceeded to make my escape. But we were stopped cold when the kids saw the Easter candy isle.
I was doomed.
In order to calm the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth that tends to spring forth once candy is spotted, sniffed out, or heard due to the crinkling of a wrapper, I gave in and bought one of those nasty little $1 bags of cheap chocolate.
Yes, even a chocolate lover such as me has their limits. Not that it stops me from eating it but still, its nasty chocolate.
Once we finally made it to the car, after being blown a few rows off course with this Idaho wind that puts the hurricanes in Florida to shame, the kids were instantly asking about the candy. After giving each kid a piece to occupy their mouths so they wouldn't scream, (of course not Alayna) we headed home.

But no matter how hard we wish it were otherwise, one measly little piece of candy is not going to last the whole ride.
Sad, but true.
Jacob, who was blessed with an excessively strong pair of lungs, started up his screaming for more "dandy".
After a couple minutes, in exasperation I said, "Hold on Jacob, I'm driving! Do you want to crash and die?"
He stopped screaming.
Considered it for a moment,.
Then, apparently coming to the conclusion that that MUST be the name of the candy, gave a little cry-laugh and said, "Ya! Cash n' die!"
It struck me as so funny I started laughing. "Jacob, you don't want to crash and die."
This thoroughly upset him as he started crying again, "Ya do! More cash n'die!"
Slowly it evolved into "nanadie" and for the rest of the afternoon, he walked around the apartment whimpering, "more nanadie, more nanadie".
Finally, his no nap afternoon caught up with him.
And he crashed.

6 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Just something to ponder over, my darling Sarah...Which do you think is easier to handle...Little children who are on SUGAR RUSHES or teenagers who are going through "HORMONAL" changes...????(smile)LIFE's JOURNY as a MOTHER/PARENT certainly has FUN AVENUES to TRAVEL ON...(smile)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

oh, you poor thing! Sugar is evil, isn't it? :)

Heidi said...

I see that--they're eating Frosties! How could you not invite me along?! And pretty much it is impossible for Alayna to be anything else but adorable.

The Batemans said...

You are a brave woman. I hardly attempt Wal-mart with my 2 kids. By the way I am still not ignoring you my phone is officially broken! I stole Bradley's phone so now you can call me.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Mom, I've decided that my kids will never be teenagers. We'll just skip over that part and move right on into adulthood.

Tabitha, Its true! Sugar is evil!

Sorry Heidi, next time we go to Wendy's I give you a call and you can fly down! LOL

Michelle, Its okay, I know you don't want to take my calls. LOL, just kidding! It was funny to see you at the park though!

Garvin Smith said...

Jacob crashed, but at least he didn't die!

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