April 21, 2009

Back to Reality - Part Two

The guy I had dated before Luke was from Henderson, so I had been to Vegas once before about 7 years ago. While there he had taken me to see the water show at the Bellagio. Basically, we drove down, saw the show, then left. Yup, a whole five minutes on the strip.
The next day he took me to see Hoover Dam. He parked on top, let me look down, then we left. Yup, a whole ten minutes on the Dam. Luke thought he was pretty lame for not taking me on any of the tours.
On a side note, Luke said it wasn't until after he saw me with my, at the time boyfriend, that he got the courage to ask me out. Apparently they had had a racquetball class together and Luke's opinion of him wasn't exactly high. After that, he said he knew he had a chance. LOL!
Guys have a strange way of thinking sometimes.

Anyway, we tried to get into the Dam Tour but they were sold out so we went on the Power Plant Tour. But that was still pretty cool. I'm sure Luke could appreciate some of the numbers and the enormity of the task a little better than I could since he has a background in construction and civil engineering.

They are building a bridge here over the Dam. It was really quite incredible.

At one point on the tour, Luke turned to the people standing behind us and jokingly asked, "So, do you think we should ask the tour guide where they are holding Megatron?"
His only response from the group was a blank stare. So, he tried again."You know, Megatron from the movie Transformers?"
Again, no acknowledgement other than a blank stare. He tried one last time. "Have you guys seen Transformers?"
FINALLY we received acknowledgement. One of the guys shook his head to indicate that he hadn't.
I think it would have been funny to ask the tour guide if hadn't felt suddenly unsure that the guy would have a clue as to what we were talking about.

Well, our trip was about over. We spent the night in St. George, UT Saturday night then drove all day Sunday, getting back to Wyoming at 6pm.
I don't think the kids missed us one bit. They had had a blast at their Grandparent's house.
This next picture was the sunset we saw while driving home that night. We made it back home around 10pm.

I was up with Alayna quite a bit that night since she had a bad cough. Then at 6am Savannah woke up because she wet the bed.

And so my day had begun.

Welcome back to reality.

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Heidi said...

So you didn't get that dam tour, huh? Sorry, I couldn't help it. :-) I love the sunset picture. And there is a reason why I have a slight fear of bridges--when I see pictures like that of them under construction! Ahhh!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, nope, no dam tour for us!

Bridges like that are kind of scary. But super cool at the same time.
I have more of a problem with small, tight places. Luckily I only got nervous on the tour once, so I did okay.

Heidi said...

Yes, I'm not too happy about small spaces either--especially if there are lots of people with me in them.

It probably didn't help my bridge thing when I watched the suspension bridge I made in 8th grade get completely crushed with the weights the teacher put on. It's a good thing I didn't go into Civil Engineering. I'm happy to leave that to Luke and the others I know.

Moghimi Family said...

My husband would TOTALLY have understood the Transformers joke. It was a good one.

I'm glad you guys had a good time. I hope you get another trip together in the near future. You deserve it!

Mama Smith said...

Your dad and I rarely got a chance to be off "alone" (like an OVERNIGHT type experience)...while all of you were young...but, when we did get the chance....it was SO WONDERFUL!!! It was a much needed "time out" to just concentrate on the TWO OF US...without "interruptions"...(smile) But, I do believe we were better parents...when we got to do this once-in-awhile...because we got a chance to be "energized"...(smile)I am so glad you both got this chance to have some fun together....It is nice to have "adult" conversation that last for more than a couple of minutes...(smile)

Katherine said...

Your mom's smiles are kinda creepy.

Kevin and I took the dam tour on our honeymoon, because we are nerds. It was dam awesome.

(ps- what did the fish say when he ran into a wall? DAM!!)

Mama Smith said...

Hmmm...now that I reread my comment...and Katherine's comment about my comments...I guess I should have been more clear of what I meant...I can see it could have been taken a few ways...What I meant by "interruptions"...was...having a CONVERSATION...without...little ones demanding my attention...I just remember how hard it was to talk with my husband....for even 2 minutes...without one of the children needing me for something...Sorry...for not expressing myself very well...I should have reread what I wrote...Didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable...As for feeling "energized"...I simply meant...it was so nice...to RELAX...instead of going FULL THROTTLE all the time...It seems I was pretty tired most of the time...in those early years...

Katherine said...

Oh, I thought you were just talking about sex, and I was joking :)

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