April 2, 2009

The Princess and the Troll-Part Two

If you missed part one of this exciting bedtime story, click here to read.

At last the rope was cut! But the key slipped off and fell to the floor with a loud "TINKATHUNK!"

The Prince froze, not daring to breath as the troll's eyes fluttered open. He yawned and stretched, groaned and grunted then... (pausing is vital, here) he rolled over and went to back to sleep.
The Prince was feeling dizzy before he remembered to breathe again.
Picking up the key he quietly slipped back over to the Princess's door. Slowly turning the key, trying hard not to make any noise, the Prince opened the door.
At first, all was still, then suddenly the Princess ran out of the room and into the Prince's arms to give him a big hug! After all, we don't go around kissing boys we don't know no matter how nice they are, right Savannah?
"Right." she agreed. Once we had that important point established, I continued.
Taking her by the hand, the Prince started to lead her out of the troll's secret lair. Glad to be out of her prison, the Princess looked back at the room were she had been held captive and didn't see the step on the floor. She tripped and fell, knocking over a chair!
Without warning, there stood the troll looking meaner than ever! "I'm going to eat you little Prince! How DARE you come here!" he roared! (Oh for the love! Remember to do voices!)
Jumping up, the Prince and the Princess started to run up the stairs. But the troll was too fast and caught the Princess by her foot, pulling her to the floor.
Well the Princess was not about to let herself get locked back up so she gave the troll a good sound kick in the nose that sent him falling back down the stairs.
"Hahaha!" Savannah exclaimed clapping her hands.
When the Prince and the Princess finally made it to the top of the stairs and back into the forest, they knew they had to do something or the troll would catch them again. They couldn't outrun him, and they couldn't hide in the trees!
"Mom!" Savannah exclaimed, clearly caught up in the story, "They need to ask the trees to help them!" Humph. I'll show her who the storyteller is!
Suddenly, the Prince had a brilliant idea! After all, he does have those occasionally. Tearing off a piece of his shirt, he threw it up into the air where the wind carried it up into the tree branches where it got stuck. Then they ran in the other direction and hid behind another big tree.
The troll came tearing through the secret door! Oh he was mad! His shrewd eyes searched for any sign of the Prince and Princess. He saw that there were footprints going in different directions. The troll decided to just start following one set of tracks to see where it went. He started walking right towards the tree where the Prince and Princess are hiding!!
Just then a gust a wind moved the branches in the tree and the troll saw the piece of fabric high up in the branches.
Turning around he ran to the tree and started to climb up thinking that's where the Prince and Princess were hiding. Suddenly the tree woke up and grabbed the troll with his branches, (be sure to pretend your arm is a branch and grab a pretend troll) and gobbled him up! (Pretend to gobble up said pretend troll) At this point I was rewarded with big smiles.
So, the Prince and the Princess rode back to her castle, after they found the Prince's horse of course, where they were greeted by the whole kingdom.
The King and Queen were so happy to have their daughter back! And when they saw that the Prince was a very nice guy and that Princess Violet liked him, they gave their permission for The Prince and the Princess to get married. (Savannah would not be satisfied if the story didn't end this way. She been traditionally Princess-ified)
And they did.

The End.

"Tell us another story! Another story!" Savannah said bouncing up and down on the bed.

Stay tuned for another bedtime masterpiece!

7 super cool people speak:

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I have to confess that I, a 37-year old, full grown and mature woman... was completely captivated by your story.

Well done. :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, ah shucks, thanks.

Heidi said...

Wonderful! Great job.

Mama Smith said...

I LOVE "Happily Ever After" stories!!!! (smile)

Mona said...

I have heartily recommended your posts on your gift for storytelling in my last comment on "Romance the Heart" at Mona's Musings.

I was with my grandboy Taylor this week and had tried EVERYTHING to get him settled down for his nap (which Dad insists upon) and it was not going well. I remembered your story and started telling it - it worked like a charm!!!! He was mesmerized and sound asleep by the end. THANK YOU!!!! You could create another whole blog just with these kind of stories (only while you get ready to publish the hardback version of course!)


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Really? Wow! That's awesome!
And thanks! All of a sudden I feel famous!!

Seth said...


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