April 17, 2009

SilverMoon - Part One

(Warning: The word "beautiful" is used to the point of exasperation in this story. Savannah LOVES the word "beautiful". So, everything is "beautiful" in this story.)

"Mommy?" Savannah quietly asked between sips of water from her sippy cup. "Can you please tell us a story tonight?"

"Okay, but only if I can get Jacob to stop screaming!" I said with exasperation.

I was worn out.

I was done.

I was fried to the point of overkill.

Finally, I sat down on the bed next to Savannah. "What should the story be about tonight?" I asked.

"A pony!" Savannah shouted.

"Yeth! A pony!" Joseph added.

"A pony with a horn." Savannah corrected.

"Oh you mean a Unicorn? Okay, Unicorn story it is" I said.

After thinking for a moment, I started.

Once, not long ago, in a land quite far from here, there lived a Unicorn named SilverMoon. She lived in a land where there were a lot of unicorns so she should have been happy. But she wasn't.

During the day, all the unicorns looked the same. Pure white with long snowy hair and a long sharp horn on their heads.

Not SilverMoon. While her hair was just as white, her horn was shorter and it had a soft round end, it wasn't pointed like the others. They often made fun of her because she couldn't play the games or do useful things that required a sharp horn. So she was often left out.

But nighttime was the worst time of all for SilverMoon. When the moonlight shone down onto the unicorns, their hair shimmered and glistened like diamonds! But not SilverMoon. When the moonlight shone upon her hair, instead of sparkling like the others, it shimmered like waves of soft silver satin. (hence my, ever so clever name of SilverMoon)

"Mom?" Savannah stopped me. "Why doesn't her hair sparkle?"

"Uh, well" I stuttered. "It just did! I don't know why." (Now that's wisdom and intelligence at its finest)

All the other unicorns would laugh at her because she looked different. They would tell her she wasn't as beautiful as they were because she didn't sparkle.

It made poor SilverMoon very sad. So one night, she decided to run away.

"Mom, the other unicorns need to be nice to her!" Savannah said quite sadly. After agreeing with her, I continued.

She tiptoed away from the others while they were sleeping (be sure to whisper) and when she was far enough away she started running as fast as she could. She ran and ran all night long. Finally, the sun was coming up and SilverMoon was so tired and thirsty! She decided it was time to rest and find something to drink. After walking a little bit farther she saw a pool of water and ran over and started drinking.

"Hey!" Squealed a tiny squeaky voice, (I thought my tiny squeaky voice was quite good! Sounded a lot like the chipmunk from the movie 'Enchanted') That's my water! Get away!"

Startled, SilverMoon jumped back and looked around. She saw... (give a nice long pause and enjoy the quite enormous kiddy eyes staring at you) nothing!

After a minute she thought she had just imagined it because she was so tired. So she decided to get one more drink then take a nap. Just as she was about to get another sip, the tiny voice came back.

"Hey! I told you to go away! That is my water!" Suddenly the bush next to her started rustling and moving! Then out walked... (I love pausing moments, I swear the kids hold their breath) a teeny tiny, yet rather chubby mouse! In his hand he carried a little bucket.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize this water belonged to you." apologized SilverMoon.

"Well of course it does!" Squeaked the little mouse , "do you see anyone else around? Now go away."

The little mouse put his bucket into the water and filled it. Then he turned around and started walking away.

"Oh please wait!" cried SilverMoon. "I was wondering if you could help me!"

The little mouse stopped, bucket his bucket down, then turned to face the unicorn with his hands on his hips. "Well?" he squeaked?

"I was wondering if you knew where there might be some other unicorns?" she asked.

The little mouse rubbed his furry little chin (rub your chin). "Well... I believe there are a bunch of them just over that big mountain." he said pointing towards a rather large mountain in the distance.

Oh thank you so much!" exclaimed the very excited unicorn.

With that, the little mouse gave a little, "humph!" picked up his bucket and started walking away.

Curious as to what the little mouse was doing, SilverMoon followed him. After a few minutes, the little mouse stopped in front of a tree. And there at the bottom of the tree, she saw a little door. It was the mouse's home! The mouse carried his bucket of water to a small hole and poured it in. Then turned around and headed back to the pool of water muttering something about how he needed water by his house for cooking and cleaning and for his garden but the pond was so far away... grumble grumble.

At this rate the mouse was never going to get that hole filled up! Then, SilverMoon had an idea.

Prancing back to the pond, she bent down until her horn touched the edge of the water. Then she slowly dragged it though the dirt and made a little pathway for the water to follow until it ran into the mouse's little water hole.

The mouse stood staring. His furry little mouth fell open and dropped the bucket. (be sure to demonstrate a dumbfounded look. The kids love that.)

"Wow" he said. "That is the most beautiful and useful horn I've ever seen! Thank you so much! You can have as much water as you want and please, come sleep under my tree."

SilverMoon was stunned! Beautiful? Useful? No one had ever said her horn was beautiful or useful before! And she fell asleep thinking about what the little mouse had said. When she woke up she felt much better, thanked the mouse and headed off towards the mountain. She walked ALL day and into the night.

She was almost to the mountain when she heard something.


SilverMoon stopped and stood perfectly still. She heard it again, only louder.


"Its a lion!" shouted Savannah!

Dang it! How to they keep figuring out what I was going to say? Why can't guess something like a bear or a tiger! They growl too.... don't they?

Suddenly a giant lion jumped out of the bushes and stood in front of SilverMoon.

"Well well!" growled the giant lion. "What do we have here? You look like a tasty little snack!"


6 super cool people speak:

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

Can't wait until part 2... You should really think about publishing these children stories. They are brilliant! =)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I agree with the Henry's comment - you really need to think about publishing these. What an imagination you have! I'm so jealous. :)

Brittney said...

I can't believe you think of this stuff on the fly!

Mama Smith said...

But, I think you need to maintain the "personal" comments for the ADULTS...will help the adult tell the story better...and the adults will enjoy the story as much as the children!!!! BUT FIRST you MUST FINISH the drawing for your DAD's children's story...then, you can work on publishing YOUR STORIES...(smile) Hey, look at what the imagination of the author of Harry Potter? She became richer than the Queen of England!!! Oh...Wait! How could I forget Beatrix Potter!!!!(smile) One of my FAVORITE movies!!! (smile)

Garvin Smith said...

Publish or perish!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Did you get the from "Bones" dad?

And its probably because I'm half asleep when I tell these stories. Maybe that's why they come out so... strange. LOL

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