April 27, 2009

Moving is such a pleasure... right

Somewhere, buried beneath the piles and piles of stuff, things, gadgets, widgets, baskets. boxes and buckets, lies my camera. Somewhere, I just don't know where. So I have missed taking pictures of several moments. Such as:

Joseph kiddy christening the new carpet.
Luke had bought the kids some fruit punch drink bottles on Saturday. While they were not allowed in the house with them we failed to remember one thing, Joseph still had a really bad cough.
While standing in the living room, Joseph went into a coughing fit and coughed so hard he threw up bright red dye all over the carpet.
Go figure. Luckily I was able to scrub most of it out, I think.

Or when the boys, put in Savannah's purple and pink hats and spent the afternoon pulling all the clothes off the hangers in the closets and throwing them in big piles, all while color coordinating the blue, pink, green, and white hangers.

The kids are really tired from the last several days of no schedule, no naps, and late bedtimes. Jacob pretty much screamed through church in our new ward before finally falling asleep, and then Joseph took his screaming turn the couple hours before bed.

When someone figures out how to put together an organizational move, please call me, we'll talk. You in a chair with a pad of paper, and me laying on a couch. I can't seem to find anything! And of course I have to make an even bigger mess before it can get clean and organized. I plan to go through every box, every bag, every bit of everything we have and throw out, give away or put away. Perhaps in about four months I'll be ready for visitors.


4 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Ah the joy of getting rid of stuff. I just don't understand why I forget to do it until it's time to move, then I'm worried about getting rid of the wrong thing and move all of it so I can go through it later. Good luck finding stuff. I'm still missing things from my move in January--and I'm all condensed into one room. Where could it have gone?! Good luck!

P.S. I know some great water that will take out that stain!

Mother Smith said...

If YOUR MOVE is any indication of OUR POSSIBLE MOVE...then...we are in trouble!!! (smile) We will be minus the children...but, going through 6,000 sq. feet of house...plus GARAGE...hmmm....and YOU KNOW...ALL THE JUNK we have to get RID OF!!! (smile) Can't tell you how many trips to the junk yard we have done, already...or given stuff away...Good thing we started about 3 years ago!!! (smile)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

you poor thing! Moving is no fun, especially when there are kids involved!

Mona said...

When we moved from Florida to Washington nearly 4 years ago, we promised ourselves it was the LAST TIME!!! After 31 years and dozens of moves (it feels like dozens) we moved 1,000 lbs for every year of marriage. At least be glad that your stuff didn't require a semi!! On the up side - you're right - moving is a GREAT opportunity to clean out, organize and pare down.

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