November 5, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Days 4 and 5

My brother had arranged with a couple in his ward to allow a few of us to stay at their house instead of having to find another hotel in that area.

Meet the Millers.

The thing is, first it was just suppose to be some family friends who were going to stay there. Then my parents ended up staying there. Then last minute it was decided that Hubby and I would also stay there Saturday and Sunday night.

So we all lovingly dubbed their home "The Roach Motel". 'Cause its sure seemed like once one of us got in, then we just kept on coming! And hang it all, they just couldn't seem to get rid of us.

Being big jokesters and teasers themselves, let's just say we all got on rather splendidly. We felt welcome and comfortable in their spacious home. Even the corvettes in the garage weren't all that intimidating. 

Seriously, the nicest, most generous people I've ever met. (Just don't tell them I said that. We have a reputation to uphold you know)

Except when it comes to ice cream. Apparently, Rick is stingy with his ice cream. He wouldn't share. All he did the whole time was boast about all the ice cream flavors he had in his freezer. But not once did he bring them out to share.

Some people, I tell ya...  *tisk tisk*

(Sorry if none of that made any sense. It was full of inside jokes.)

Anyway... we went to church with them on Sunday and just spent the rest of the day chatting and relaxing.

Monday afternoon, we left to make our way back up to Baltimore, promising that someday we'd be back to make their lives miserable once more.

It was to be about a six hour drive.

We waved at the battleships we passed along the way.

At one point we even went through a tunnel that was actually under water!

It was very cool. Even if my claustrophobia was a bit tweaked.

Again, the drive was beautiful. *sigh* Hubby doesn't believe me when I tell him I'm sure we could fit at least fifty trees on our third acre lot.

Don't you think?

We broke up the drive by stopping off in Williamsburg to see the Colonial section that was reconstructed for tourists.

We didn't want to pay to do any of the actual tours through the buildings, so we walked the streets and saw everything that didn't require a paid pass.

They had people dressed up for the times at all the buildings in case you had any questions. This ole' gentleman was very sweet.

The cemetery was exceptionally fascinating. Gravestones so old you couldn't hardly tell what any of them said. But the ones you could read were touching.

Oh ya, sorry about that last picture, but it's true. I just couldn't help myself.

You know what I find thoroughly frightening about this next picture? With that facial hair, he really pulls off the look quite well. What a stud muffin.

I can't say the same for my picture.

You really can't see my facial hair in it at all.

You know, sometimes I wonder how some things were really done back then.

See, this is how I think certain situations actually went down.

When a young man wanted to take a girl out of a date, and he had to stop off at her house to pick her up, I bet the father took the young man out back and showed him this little cannon.

 The young man of course would compliment it by saying it was a very fine piece indeed.Then the dad would put his arm around the young man and say, "Oh ya? You like that huh? Me too. Its small size makes for quick get away. So let me tell you before you take my daughter out. I wouldn't mind having some moving target practice... again."

I also have a theory about these.

I bet they were really used to solve marital disputes. Since divorce was considered so scandalous back then, this must have been the second best thing!

Maybe we should bring them back....  mwah ha ha haaaa....

Anyhow, when we were done, we got back in the car and finished our drive up to Baltimore. By the time we got there is was getting dark.

I had considered driving around D.C. to be a somewhat pulse racing experience.

But let me tell you, it didn't hold a candle to driving through downtown Baltimore.


5 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Wish I knew how to make those "This picture makes me look fat" boxes!


PS. I'm loving your photos!

ldsjaneite said...

I adore Williamsburg! And you didn't miss anything going the free route. Tickets get you into, like, 3 buildings that's it. And you don't need a ticket for the Cheese Shop! My absolute favorite--with green (aka sage) cheese!

I had to calm my claustrophobia living there, because you can't get anywhere without going through an underwater tunnel. And bridges. Fears of those, too.

I am loving your pictures--it makes me proud I lived there for a few years.

Nicole said...

That looks like a wonderful time!

Amy said...

Would the Millers mind if I copied the construction on their house? Someday? Maybe?
Ice cream included?

Sara Lyn said...

Looks like y'all had fun. I love Williamsburg, too!

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