November 22, 2011

Kid Craft: Turkeys!

Every once in a while, I'll look at something that I should be throwing away and think, Huh, I bet I could make something really cool out of these.

I totally inherited that trait from my father.

Since I started canning a couple years ago, I confess, I've saved the used lids from the jars.

What!? Don't look at me all weird, I have plans for them. Several in fact.

So there.

I'm actually feeling a bit miffed at all your scoffing.

Okay not really.... okay maybe a little.

Anyhow, for Family Home Evening last night, I tested out one of my ideas, and seriously, the kids LOVED them!

I think I may have just graduated to the Moderately Cool mommy level. Someday, I plan on hitting Super Cool Rock Star level.

Ta da!! Turkeys!!

No, not me, the one in my hand! Sheesh! Some people, I tell ya.

Anyway, if your kids are older they will be able to do them fine but since our kids are younger, Hubby and I did most of the cutting and hot gluing. Still, the kids were quite involved. Their favorite part was picking out all their colors and such.

I just used a bunch of felt fabric that I had on hand.

Anyway, here's how you make them.

1. Cut out a circle of felt about 3/4 inch bigger than the lid. Put just a bit of hot glue on the inside of the lid and glue to the circle.

2. Cut a line in the felt every half inch all the way around the circle.

3. Put a little glue on each flap and use your thumb to tightly push the felt down and over the corner to secure it to the lid.

 4. Cut out a circle for the body (about 1.6 inches wide)  and a smaller one for the head (about 1 inch wide), glue to the front of the covered lid.

5. Add some googly eyes, a wattle (I googled it to find out what the red thingy was called. Your welcome) and a beak. Cut out seven feathers (mine were about 2 inches tall and 1 inch at the widest part, tapering down to half an inch) and attach to the backside of the turkey.

6. Decorate with any other embellishments!

7. If desired, you can write names on the turkeys with puff paint.

I happen to have a bag of actual feathers on hand so some of the kids opted to use those with the felt feathers, while others wanted the feathers without the felt ones. Just be creative!

Seriously, the kids were so excited about them. Joseph only looks stoned because he's been really sick. Poor kid.

The kids were especially proud of Claira's. We discovered this exceptionally large feather in the bag and everyone was more than willing to make the baby a "special" turkey. So cute the way they love their baby sister.

 I think I'm going to attach some twin or yarn to the backs and hang them somewhere.

So there you have it. Proof. We are a family of turkeys! 

Probably not Pintrest worthy or anything, but we sure had a blast!

9 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

That is so very cute.
I'll save my canning lids for you!
You can make a whole village of turkeys!

Hope you have a blast for Thanksgiving. Are you going somewhere or staying home?

ldsjaneite said...

Ha! I was totally thinking I should add this to my Pinterest page!!

Heather S said...

super-duper cute! i'm trying to come up with some easy (aka- quick and NOT messy) ideas for thanksgiving, to keep the kids occupied before we eat.

Sue said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is definitely "Cool Rock Star Level."

You're there, lady!


Abe n Annie said...

Throughout your whole post I kept thinking to myself "I am so pinning this on pinterest!"...then I did :)

Sarah said...

SO STINKIN' CUTE! I was SO impressed by these:)
Oh how I love you. Let's count the ways!

Mama Smith said... awesome of you! I will need to check it out! I think these little turkeys...was a super idea for a family activity! Love the fact that "Claira" was so generously given the "biggest feather"! (smile)

Garvin Smith said...

This is proof that you never, NEVER, throw ANYTHING away!

Michelle {Fun On A Dime} said...

Those Turkeys are the cutest thing I have seen. They turned out so good! What kid wouldn't love to do these? Way to be creative!

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