November 2, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Day 2 - Part 2

After the wedding and lunch, our long time family friend Brandon, who also happens to work for the Senator of Texas, arranged a special little tour for us at the Capital.

So the handful of us that were going, headed off to D.C.

I have to say, I love the buildings there. The architecture is so fascinating!

Especially since there is such a grand mix of old and new, classic and modern.

The only thing is, I swear pedestrians there have a death wish. And the drivers? Seriously, I saw my life flash before my eyes... twelve times.

At one point, I almost made a death bed confession that I don't actually like black licorice!!

My parents would be horrified.

Oh wait, they read this.... dang.

But other than that, I was excited. Even though I had been to D.C. about, oh... fourteen or fifteen years ago, I've never been in the Capital.

And I know, I know. Lots of you guys have been there, done that. But I hadn't! So I'm going to share.

I wish I had taken a picture of the girl who was our tour guide. She was from Texas and, boy oh boy did that girl have some giddy-up in her step. Whatever it is she has for breakfast, I think she should lay off it a little. Seriously, I think we power walked through the whole tour.

I'm sure I pulled something important in the process.

She barely stopped when we paused to look at this. So I'm going to blame the oddness of this photo on our extreme haste.

Hubby and Brandon look like they're about to embrace or something. Aawwkwaarrdd......

Now, you're going to have to excuse my extreme lack of information concerning the contents of these photos. I can't remember what any of the rooms were, nor the whats, whys, and hows.

*hanging head in shame*

But, heh, that's what Google's for... right?

Anyway, this is... a part of the Capital. Ya, and umm.... it's something important. Okay fine! I can't remember what it was!! But it was cool!

And in the middle of all those awesome columns, there is this little star on the ground. This is where all the streets in D.C. start from, where the grid expands from.

I do remember that much!

Directly above it.

And this is, er, maybe it's was, where they sign(ed) important stuff?

Umm... ya....

And here we're all walking up to see the interior of the Capital Dome!

It is GORGEOUS! I tried to take three photos and put them together to make one so you can get a better idea of how impressive it is.

And these next pictures are of the Statuary Hall, the old U.S. House Chamber.

I got that information from Google.

From what I remember, each state is allowed two sculptures of people to represent their state. The only requirements is that they have to be dead, and the sculpture needs to be bronze or marble.

So we had to laugh when we saw Brigham Young as one of the representatives for Utah.

What scares me the most, is with Hubby's facial hair, he looks like he's on his way to becoming a Brigham Young look-a-like.

If it gets much longer, I'm going to shave it off in his sleep.

Then feign total ignorance.

My little nephew Logan was the only mini person with us and everyone took turns carrying him.

He enjoyed the tour as much as we did.

When the tour was over, we made a plan to find a place to park, then walk around the area and see all the monuments.

So, as we looked, I snapped a quick picture of the Washington Monument as we drove by .

By the time we finally found a place to park, I snapped another picture of the monument.

I'm telling you, I am now CONVINCED of the whole "men and directions" thing. Two hours people. Two hours!


Our little group of nine people in two cars were doing our best to follow each other. After driving around forever looking for a spot, we got separated and misunderstood directions, took a wrong street, looped around again, came back and found the other group, already parked, but couldn't find one for us, turned around again, took the wrong street again, happen to come across my parents oddly enough who told us about a great, free parking lot where they were, so we looped around again and after a few more wrong turns, we finally made it to the parking lot.

I'm certain we went over the same bridge six times... maybe it was 600.

Two hours? I mean... who does that?

Well, besides us.
I think it's safe to say, we were all ready to get out of the car.
So, that's why I have only a couple night pictures to show, and not very good ones at that. It was late, and it was coooollldddd.

The incredible World War II Memorial.

There's a pillar for each state. When I found Florida's, I was so cold I tried to wish myself, there.

Then we walked over to see the Lincoln Memorial. It was truly beautiful.

Now now, I have a perfectly logical explanation for why I look pregnant in this picture.

I was carrying my little nephew. Isn't he so sweet?

After a while, my back started cramping, my feet were aching, my arms were numb, and I was feeling a bit queasy still from all the earlier driving.

I really did feel pregnant! So I passed him off to my brother for a turn.

The Memorial  Wall is always something to pause at.

After that we decided it was time to head back. There were still so many places I wanted to see but as I said, it was getting late so we didn't.

Don't encourage him.

Just, don't.

And it was clear the thought of getting back in the was car was starting to affect every one's mental status.

If we only knew what was going to happen....

We got back in the cars and headed out to our hotel. Only, certain men who will not be named, *coDaveugh... coHubbyugh* missed our turn off and we ended up on a one-lane, construction filled street headed in the opposite direction of that which we needed to go! Aahh!!

When we finally got out of there, Hubby thought we were on the right street. Except he realized, when we ended up in some shady, dead end spot of town, that it was really the road above us that we needed to be on.  Ggrrrr.....  I was sure we were going to interrupt a drug deal and get shot or something.

And then.... well, this is where I'm going to skip over what happened next as some things that take place in D.C., should stay in D.C. 

Suffice it to say, if you're a guy, think twice before heading out to the trees to take care of bodily functions. You never know when another lost car and their bright head lights will find you.

I was laughing so hard I thought my side was going to split open.

Eventually, the "should have been twenty minutes but took us two hours" trip back to the hotel was done and we went to bed.

And my bum never wanted to see a back seat of a car...ever again.


9 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

These pics are so cool!! I want to go to DC like nobody's business. Ever since reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Wow.


Garvin Smith said...

Did you see my name on the Wall?

ldsjaneite said...

I'm thinking....Metro.

Amber said...

Just so you know, some of us have NOT been to DC. So these pictures were like inviting me along, even when you didn't. Rude.

That said, LOVE the descriptions. 20 minute-turned-2-hour car drives are my fave. Except not.

Kira said...

I'll just laugh.

Mama Smith said...

I am SO didn't try and find your dad's name on the "Vietnam" wall...Bekah...hope you now know that VIETNAM really was a REAL PLACE! (smile)

Cherie said...

Very fun pictures - Looks like you guys had a ball!!

I love D.C. I have only been there once about 5 years ago and it was also for a wedding. So fun to see the sights with family!!

You guys made lots of great memories!

Sue said...

I've never been to DC. And I SO want to go. (Soon, after Dave retires.)

My eldest son is always doing the BY facial hair, too. He seems to cycle through it on a regular basis.

So I feel your pain. (As does his wife.)


Bethany said...

I looooove DC- last time I went I found a secret statue... :D

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