November 16, 2011

Four Common Parenting Mistakes (not mine of course)

4. Don't repeat something over and over again to your children in the mistaken belief that they'll actually listen after a while. They tend to pick up on that tactic, it will come back to haunt you.

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drink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink  *deep breath* momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhavea
drink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink momcanIhaveadrink....

3. Telling your kids what they are allowed to cut with scissors, is not the same thing as telling them what they are not allowed to cut.

They're all about loopholes.

2. Teaching tact is a whole different battle than teaching manners.

Jacob: Mom, were you ever small like me or are you always just big and old?

1. Refrain from allowing the baby to playfully put their fingers in your mouth. 'Cause let's face it, even if they're not crawling yet, you really just don't know where their fingers have been.

(Overheard from the living room)

Jacob: Haha! Claira! Don't put your fingers in my nose!!


Jacob: Mom! Claira's fingernails are bleeding!
Me: What! Why?
Jacob: Because Alayna bit them off for Claira.

*awkward silence* Ack...I think I need more mouth wash.

P.S. My "Three Scoops" post is being featured over at Or So She Says today! Swing by and see me there!

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Amy said...


Lara said...

I hate how you have to provide them with a detailed list of cans and can'ts. Because they'll always find the one that you missed and generalities go right over their heads!

Poor little monkey!

Sarah said...

Poor Serene's mouth:) And if you hear me laughing all the way over here, it's not at you, just with you Sweetheart:)
Oh the love:)

Sue said...

You run quite a fun house over here!


Cluttered Brain said...

bwahahaha! Oh my.
I forgot how much I love top read your posts girlfriend.
To answer your question I started that blog about a year ago..Still post at my other more main blog just got sick of the layout over there and I am a html stupid
I get just takes me longer than usual to make it perfect. ha! hope life is treating u well!

Sarbear said...

I wish I knew #4 a long time ago.

They should put it in those teaching materials you get in the hospital when you have your baby, because once kids learn that one there is no end.

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