November 29, 2011

Hey look at my tree! Isn't it so pretty.

A couple weeks ago, I was mocked... twice, (and no smart alecy remarks about that thank-u-very-much) for still having my Halloween decorations out, my Fall/Thanksgiving decor up, and Christmas lights on the house.

In all fairness to me though, I kept meaning to put my Halloween stuff away, and in this case I believe it's the thought that counts, right?

As for the Fall/Thanksgiving stuff, well that stays up until the day after Thanksgiving. No Christmas decorations allowed until then, when I break out the tree!

Well, except for the house lights. See, for the past TWO years, I have tried to get hubby to put up the lights on our house. "Tried" being the operative word here... and failed. And since there is usually snow around here by Thanksgiving, I was stinkin' determined to get my blasted lights up this year!

So, just after Halloween and while Hubby was out of town, I borrowed a ladder, and got those suckers put up!

And go figure, no snow yet this winter.

And yes, they look awesome.

Not that I'm bias or anything, just right. 'Cause I'm always right.

Just ask me.

Scaling the roof to put the lights up? Meh, whatever. I use to do it all the time as a teenager. No, not to sneak out of the house or anything, just for fun, because we could. My sister's window emptied out onto the perfect spot. So climbing all over the roof was like riding a bike.

Anyhow, I don't usually write a post and say, "Hey look at my tree! Isn't it so pretty." But this year I am.

Because I want to.

So there.

I have always been a blue and silver kind of girl, and so for the last few years, I've had a beautiful velvet, royal blue tree skirt with sparkly silver snowflakes on them, and the rest of the tree was covered in blue/silver/iridescent sparkliness.

Because I love sparklies, and snowflakes, and snowmen.

And I'm not ashamed of it.

These three posts are the closest I can get to showing you what it looked like, if you feel you really must know. One. Two. Three.

But last year my colors felt rather bland. Don't know why, they just... did. So this year I totally changed it up and I need your opinion.

I know, it kind of looks like my tree is sprouting from all the extra added stuff. But anyway, what do you think? Huh? Huh? Needs more... something, right? Yes, no... I don't know.


Ah ha!! Busted!

Ah dang. Fine, never mind. No you're not in trouble you ridiculously cute thing you.

All she has to do is flashy the adorable toothless smile at me and she can have whatever she wants.

Sadly, I don't think that look would work for me if I lost all my teeth.

*sigh* Some people have all the luck.

Anyhow, what do ya think?

If you don't like it, just lie to me, and tell me I'm fabulous.

On second thought... don't lie. Just send me consolation chocolate instead.

9 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I like your tree, all wrapped up in ribbon!


Sarah said...

I LOVE the look of wide ribbon on trees and extras coming off in different directions at the top! So fabulous. No lying here either!:)

Whoopy for Christmas trees and decorations.

We tried to get our tree up, and up it went. But the 75+ plastic balls have all been used as artillery for the last couple of days. Poor oldest child fears it won't be ready for Santa. He tells me he won't help decorate it any more either because younger siblings keep ruining his work. I've heard that story somewhere before. Oh yes, that's right. Why, my oldest child, you once (no, multiple times) have done the same thing:)

Yay for pretty things:)

Doran & Jody said...

Just fantabulous!
I have yet to get a tree.
We remembered while on our vacation that we couldn't get all our lights on our tree working last year. So we had a half lit tree last year.

Mama Smith said...

Hey...I want to see the OUTSIDE JOB! Remember when your dad decorated our Florida home...and it really did look like a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!

My HONEST opinion! I LOVE what you did THIS far! You know...I am a "country" girl...and LOVE the "country" type feeling...LOVED what you did this year! I REALLY DO!

In fact, I have been doing MUCH myself this year...Since Bekah and family are coming up...wait till you see all the little EXTRAS I did this year...(just haven't found the stockings, yet) I will be taking PICTURES...once I finish!

GREAT job...darling girl! of the OUTSIDE...(smile)

FoodSnots said...

Just found your blog. Love it!! I'm a mother of 3, so your posts make me laugh. And I love the picture with your tree all lit up!! Beautimous!!

Larsen said...

I like it too.

I liked it more when I saw the lights on and the room was darker, because of the glow, just sayin'.

I like my tree more at night time too. It must be me.

Wanna come to recipe swap tonight with me?

Brenick said...

i would like it better without the ribbon. its too thick a ribbon for a skinny tree.

Anonymous said...

It is AWESOME!!! Love the red and white...something about a tree when you have half a dozen kiddos helping!!! That is why our red and white tree features hotwheel cars and baseballs (yes...they are red and white too) freestanding/balancing on the branches, topped with a santa hat!! Hey...they go with the red and white theme!! It was fun to have the extra help (3 g-kids)...what a MOM you are...I am FAR from your status!!!!!

:D Maria

Kira said...

You do not need anyone else's opinion. Just love it. It'll be undone..oh probably by now anyway.

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