November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn... Literally.

Normally I wouldn't subject you poor readers to more than one post on certain topics, such as potty-training, toenails, and Twilight.

But I'm afraid I must, just this once.

What do you get when you stick a bunch of society-deprived, high on sugar, stay-at-home moms together in a confined space for several hours?

It's just the way it is.

It's unavoidable.

Don't judge.

But my night out with the gals was a blast! They really are the greatest group of calm, mature women ever.

I want to be just like them when I grow up. Aren't they cute?

As for the movie itself, "Breaking Dawn"... all I can say is, best (very slow) comedy ever. Seriously.

I laughed at the funny parts.

I laughed at the serious parts.

I laughed at the "romantic" parts.

I'm so glad Gina brought me. She's my partner in crime, the alpha-female of the group. I love that girl.

These pictures depict some of the scenes from the movie.

1. At the wedding when every one's saying their toasts.
Bella's dad, "I'm a cop so I uh, know stuff." Bella's friend, "Then Eward was like, all about Bella... even though she's not the captain of the volleyball team... kidding! Kidding...."

2. The honeymoon scenes. FAR too much skin and way too much time devoted to it. Close your eyes.
I've been told that since I have "so many kids, I must not know how babies are made." Who knew all I had to do was go see a Twilight movie to figure it out!

3. Uh, must have been another slow part and we just got bored.

4. The scene where Sam and Jacob have a... what I can only assume was suppose to be an intense conversation, while in werewolf form. "Abomination!"
Wow. I've never laughed so hard.

5. The one and only fight scene in the movie. It was at night, and you could barely see what was going on. So sad

6. When Jacob imprints and they show the baby at the end. She was totally, funny/scary computer animated. I think I'm going to have nightmares about that.

But the most interesting part of the whole experience, was the scary number of male specimens there representing Team Testosterone. I bet a third of the movie attendees were male.

Opps! That guy caught us taking his picture. Awkward.....

The whole gang in all their homemade t-shirts. Made with all kinds of TLC I'm sure.

My Team Chocolate shirt filled me with pride.

A couple of my favs.

And there you have it. My night in a nut-shell.

Some things however, will never be told, (like certain people bringing in certain food to the movie) and some pictures will never be shown. And if I ever see them posted anywhere, I think I'll die of embarrassment.

Then come back to haunt Gina.

P.S. Thanks Gina for letting me use all your photos!

12 super cool people speak:

Cherie said...

Love this post!! Totally what these midnight Twilight movies are all about!! Fun Fun Crazy Stinkin' Fun!
And it totally WAS the Funniest movie - Ha ha!!
Love all the different shirts - very creative.
We only had 1 guy in our movie theater so I am amazed there were so many in yours.
Today hubby and I are going to see it - yep, he's a Twilight Guy but he's never go at midnight with all the chicks.

Sue said...

Glad you had some good laughs with your girls! And I'm surprised that so many guys were there. Seriously, that's kinda strange to me...


Royalbird said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I have a feeling that I will find it more funny than serious as well.

Garvin Smith said...

I can't relate.

Larsen said...

GREAT POST! Gotta say, can I just copy and paste???

You're more than welcome to have at the pics.... they're yours for the keeping my friend....though I want my jump drive back.

kiss kiss

Mama Smith said...

Oh...Sarah! Sounds like so MUCH FUN! GIRLS NIGHT OUT! But, between YOUR blog and your sister's...I am convinced...I was glad I saved my money...Now, there is another CHIC FLICK coming out...some Snow White type movie...NOW...that one looked interesting...and I think it would be so gather some of us girls up here...and have SOME FUN! Hey...even if the movie turns out bad...the GIRL GATHERING would be so WORTH IT! Just like what it looked like on your post! LOVED IT!!!!!

The Mounts said...

Okay, so I have been following your blog forever now, but I don't think that I have ever commented. Anywho, looking through your Breaking Dawn picks with you and your friends I was so suprised to see an old friend of mine!!!! Cambria was my neighbor at Ricks :) Small world indead!
Emily (Roberts) Mount

The Mounts said...

*Kambria :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Emily: Ha! Very cool! Though in truth, all those girls are in a different ward and I only know them through Gina. I think this was only the second time I've met Kambria. But she's awesome!!
And yea for commenting!! :D It really is a small world!

Saimi said...

Ah! I can't wait to see the movie...Why do I have to be so busy right now, heck my busy doesn't even compare to your busy and you managed to make it!!

I need better time management skills.

Monica McCoy said...

Just goes to show that when our kids say we do not understand them, we really do. We are all just a bunch of 13 year-olds when it comes down to it.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow...what can I say bur Wow!!! Thanks for the excellent synopsis. Don't have to see the movie now....though I do enjoy a good laugh!!!

Loved your turkeys btw!!!! Totally pinterest worthy!

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