November 28, 2011

How to be a lame blogger 101

Welcome to "How to be a lame blogger 101".

Before we begin, please make sure all checks, money orders, chocolate bars, or shoe bribes are sent to SERENE.

Thank you.

Let's begin.

1. Change your name to Serene.

2. Think about blogging approximately 3654 times, but actually do it. Then change your name to Serene.

3. Bring your camera with you everywhere, but don't actually use it. Then change your name to Serene.

4. Write something really boring, like "how to be a lame blogger 101". Then change your name to Serene.

5. Name your next baby Serene (preferably if it's a girl, but that's optional). Because clearly that's what this post is about.

6. Change your name to Serene.

The End.

Sorry, no refunds.

If you have a complaint, please inform me if you find the complaint box. I need to leave a note. My jeans and I still don't seem to be getting along.

Not that I'm blaming anyone. Eh hem....

Anyway, I hope you all had a rather fabulous Thanksgiving. So spill it, what'd you do and where'd you go? How much turkey did you eat and which pie did you devour?


Not that I'm admitting to anything.

What'd we do? Well, we drove in to my in-laws place. Turns out it was to be just our family and Hubby's brother Mike with his daughter Isabelle. It was chill, relaxed, low-key... nice.

Savannah loves and I mean LOVES her great-grandpa. Since he can't see, she makes sure to take good care of him. Helping him move from room to room, playing with and reading to him. I've even seen her help him with his food.

I didn't grow up around extended family, so it's nice to see my kids enjoy theirs.

Anyway, all was good until... not long after we got there, a bunch of Hubby's other siblings kept calling in for my mother-in-law and breaking out into song.

Like as in, "Happy Birthday to you...." kind of song.

*gasp* I could have... should have, whacked Hubby on the back of the head. How could he! He forgot his own mother's birthday!! And I, being a no good, dirty-rotten daughter-in-law, didn't even know it!

Now I have guilt.

So yes, Thanksgiving Day, (aka, Barbara's birthday) my MIL did all the cooking, while we did all the eating.

Hubby is in deep, doggy trouble... from me.

Just sayin'.

Anyhow, we came home late Thursday night because Hubby wanted to do something he's never done before.

Black Friday. *gasp* The horror!

He had one item in mind. One he's been researching and saving up for for a loooooong time. And even though he left the house at a reasonable 7:00am, his parting words to me were, "I feel stupid, going out Black Friday shopping."

What is the item you ask? Well, I'll tell you later since it's on back order until after New Year. But I will say, it's going to be a whole lot better than this.

So tell me, did you brave Black Friday? If so, did you get anything good?

12 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I have a question...Is the back of Alayna's hair on purpose? or do I need to send you a supply of "tangle" free stuff? (smile)

Saimi said...

Haha Mama Smith, I was just thinking the same thing!

Your family is adorable Serene.

Kristina P. said...

You are not a lame-o!! Look at you blogging more than once a month, way more than that lame Kristina P.

Stacy said...

I love Alayna's hair. It looks just like Max's in the back. And Ian's for that matter.... And we went Black Friday shopping, and bought... socks. Yup, we are exciting. 50% off socks.

Sara Lyn said...

Black Friday deal - Snuggle Flannel at Joann's for $1.49 a yard. Plus a 25% off total purchase. Sweet.

Amy said...

Black Friday? HECK no. I don't care. honest.

Turkey? Oh yes. Yummmmm. Pie? You betcha. Chocolate, Razzleberry, and a bit of pumpkin.


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving Day....even if you forgot the MIL's birthday......*snicker*

That little one is a stinking chunky cutie!

Sarah said...

Nothing lame at this blog!:)

I dared NOT on Black Friday. It could have something to do with recovering from sickness, but still. I've never tried it before. Next year? Mmmmmm? Probably not:), but you never know:)

That is a CUTE baby:)

Love you!

Garvin Smith said...

All my girls used to go Black Fridaying from the campground. But no more!

Ha ha! My word verification word was chemo!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Alayna's hair ALWAYS looks like that! And yes, we do go through a lot of detangler.

Stacy: Socks. Are. Awesome. :D

Sara Lyn: Yea! I'm sure you're going to make some cool stuff with that.

Amy: LOL, us either. Chocolate pie? Yummmm... Pumpkin... not so much.

Tauna, Sarah: I heart you.

Daddy! We only did that once! It was fun too. Running all through the mall, smelling like smoke... It was epic.

Sue said...

Sorry you ended up out of the loop on your MIL's Thanksgiving birthday. Not fun.

Having said that, it sounds like everything else was LOTS of fun.


Kira said...

Online shopping. It's the only way when everyone goes everywhere with you all the time.

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