November 7, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Days 6 and 7

I promise, this is the very last post about my trip.

Hey now, no need to look too relieved, sheesh! But sorry if you've been bored with it. No crazy kid stories to tell and all. But don't worry, I've been stocking up on plenty of those since we've been back!

So, that Tuesday morning was the first time we were able to actually sleep in as Hubby didn't have to be at his work conference until 10:30am.

It. Was. Heavenly. We didn't have to be anywhere, or get up for anyone.


Although at breakfast, the food was ridiculously expensive and I just couldn't being myself to get anything besides a $3.50 bagel.

Old habits die hard.

Hubby likes to tell this story of when we were dating and he took me out to Cafe' Rio. The food is roughly seven dollars a plate and knowing he was a poor, starving student like me, I just couldn't bring myself to make him pay for me.

So I got a two dollar kid's cheese quesadilla.

He's never let me live that one down.

Anyway, back to the trip.

When Hubby left for the conference, I went back to the hotel room and read a book, too chicken to go out exploring by myself. But then Hubby surprised me by coming back much sooner than I had expected!

I suddenly wish I had taken the time to get ready since we were being treated to a nice dinner that night by one of Hubby's business associates.

At about 3pm, we made our way down to the famous Aquarium. It was only a few blocks from our hotel. One of the exhibits was closed but all the others ones were great!

This is what you see when you fist walk in.

At the top of the stairs as you make your way to the exhibits.

Eesh. I confess. Sharks really scare me. I hate myself for ever watching Jaws, or the National Geographic movie about sharks.

The first and my personal favorite exhibit, was the Jellyfish.

I happen to love Jellyfish and find them terribly fascinating.

Upside down jellys.

Of all the Jellyfish there, these little guys were my absolute FAVORITE!

If I was rich, I'd get me a wall of them and just watch them swim around all day.

When were done with the Jellys, we went over to the Dolphin show they have.

It was cute, but I can't say impressive. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I grew up near a Sea World.
Sea World has spoiled me for life.

After that, we just walked through the remaining exhibit. There were some really cool fish.

On the octopus' window, it said no flash photography.

When I asked the worker hovering over us to ensure that we didn't use a flash why not (just out of curiosity), he said that one time, the flash startled the octopus so much that it inked! LOL! I thought that was awesome.

It was temping to break the rule. I've always wanted to see what that would look like.

Look there on the right. Even sea creatures have belly buttons! At least, that's what we told our kids.

Botox babes.

What I look like in the mornings.

What I will look like in 30 years.

What Hubby will look like in 30 years.

There's something rather fishy about this picture... Okay, bad pun. Very, very bad.

 Humph! Serves him right for puckering up to another.

 Sharks. *shudder* Their tank was huge. *double shudder*

They even have a fun little rain forest exhibit at the top.

It was a cool place to see and I'm glad we went.

Outside the aquarium.

The "Inner Harbor".

This next picture is for my dad.

Dad, do you see there in the background? The restaurant? If you had been here, we would have gone to eat there. Guess what's it's called.

"Rusty Scupper."

"Scupper" was my dads nickname for me all growing up.

Not sure if I should be admitting this on here but, it seems like you all already know all my other secrets, so... oh well.

Hubby on a business call.

So after we killed time walking around seeing the sites, it was time to head over to dinner.

When we showed up at the fairly fancy Seafood restaurant, I really wished I had taken the time to look nice. I felt way under dressed in my flip flops and frumpy hair.

But Hubby's business associates were really quite nice and very fun.

The thing is, I don't like Seafood... at all. *gasp*  Not even a little. *double gasp*

I know, I know, some of you have just disowned me. But It's true! I have never tried any seafood that I actually liked, except clam chowder... if that even counts.

So when they ordered appetizers, I may have wrinkled my nose... just a little.

But hubby was adventurous and was willing to try anything. So he sampled, and I sat there and smiled at everyone.

After a while, they attempted to convince me to try the oysters by saying if I just put some lemon juice on them, I would be fine.

So Hubby tried a couple first and said they were actually quite flavorless.

After some coaxing, I finally gave in. Even one of the ladies dining with us found it humorous enough to take pictures of it as well. Hence the lovely red light on my forehead.

And yes, I am making a grossed out face.

It's true, they really were rather bland so the taste wasn't all that bad. But the consistency? Ick. It just reinforces my puzzlement over why someone would pay so much for those things.

Still, it was a fun meal.

I ordered the steak.

After that we went back to our hotel. Hubby got up early the next morning for a class while I slept in, took my sweet time getting ready, packed and read.

By early afternoon, we were checked out and headed back to the airport.

Nothing interesting to tell about our trip home. We pulled up to the house around 11:30pm and went to bed.

The next day, life resumed as usual.

6 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I never see anything that lives up to Sea World, either.

And gross, even *I* don't like oysters. And I LOVE sea food. You just tried one of the worst things, Serene...


ldsjaneite said...

I like seafood, but I find oysters just wrong. Any food that you're not supposed to chew and just swallow--it's wrong and gross! Go you for trying it.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing all about your trip! Looks like so much fun. I'm dying to visit Baltimore/DC someday.

Sara Lyn said...

I've loved reading about your trip!

Sea World is the best. Ever.

Seafood. Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Ew. Gross. Blech. Have I made my feelings clear? I would have eaten steak with you. :)

Chelsea said...

It was wonderful reading about your trip. I love reading your blog. I also HATE seafood and on our first date I ordered soup and had water to drink. My husband still teases me about that.

Garvin Smith said...

Do you remember where the name Scupper came from?

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