November 30, 2011

Jacob's Logic

First of all, I'm a little crushed that out of the 192 of you that stopped by yesterday, only four people liked my Christmas tree.


I will be expecting 188 packages of consolation chocolate to arrive before Christmas.

Just kidding!


Okay... no I'm not.


There was a miffed little four-year old boy over the fact that daddy was only allowing him one ice cream sandwich.

The conversation went like so.

Jacob: (arms defiantly folded across chest) *humph* Fine! Then you will die, and the new daddy will give me a big ice cream sandwich!

Daddy: I'm never going to die. I'm going to live forever! But, when you get big like me, then you can have as many ice cream sandwiches as you want.

Jacob: *whinning* But we can't be big 'cause we poop and we get smaller!

If Jacob ever goes on a date with a really tall girl, I can only hope he won't use this logic on her.

Just sayin'.

12 super cool people speak:

Melissa said...

haahaahaaa...your kid is awesome!

Megan Jones said...

Dang it! Why didn't that logic work for me?

Heather S said...

muahaha. hilarious!!!
i'm with megan jones.. his logic doesn't work on grownups :)

Brittney said...

haha, Serene...I did stop by yesterday. But I cannot tell a lie - sorry, I'm a fan of more traditional looking trees. I like sparklies and snowmen and snowflakes like you said how your tree usually looks. Although I have to say I like that your other decorations match your tree, and your tree looked better in the last picture with the sparkly lights turned on. But my non-fanness of your tree shouldn't mean anything to you because I have zippo decorating skills. So who cares what I think? I still think you're a fabulous person :) Consolation isn't working? I guess I'll be sending you chocolate now...

Jacob's logic is hilarious by the way :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Don't feel bad. I found all these cool snowmen and small lanterns painted with snowmen that I wanted to put on my tree. Sadly, those things cost money.
But you're right. I think it needs more sparklies!!! looks like of blah.

Brittney said...

haha, I know what you mean about things costing money... you should see our awesome 3-foot tall fake tree I have from when I was a child. Ya, that's our only tree.... and our only ornaments are free ones from our wedding. And most Christmas decorations we have were free or gifts. I love that I have a frugal friend like you to make me feel normal :)

Amy said...

Oh my heck that's hilarious!!!! I'm telling that one to my husband, he loves poop jokes.

Sue said...

I thought the tree was fun with the ribbon. And you still had all the cute stuff underneath. Oh well, the main thing is expressing yourself, and you did, right? The tree suits your sparkling and unique personality.

JMHO, of course. And your son is a riot.


Mama Smith said...

I think Jacob has far too much SMITH in him! As for your TREE....I loved what Sue said...DECORATING is all about EXPRESSING one's self...I just finished (I think) our tree last night...I absolutely LOVE has my personality all through it! (smile) I will take pictures...once I get the rest of the house done...Then, I will show some of the NEW things I did this year...My first REAL attempt to decorate for Christmas in our MONTANA home! Been a bit of a challenge...but...slowly coming together! BEEN REALLY fun...cause I am doing just a little each day...Should be ready by CHRISTMAS! (smile) OH...I will be mailing Claira's ornament...hopefully TODAY! (smile)

Larsen said...


I stopped by, but admittedly, didn't see your tree, due to the busy I was in.


Kira said...

Super cool

Bethany said...

I think i need to record the little guy I watch. He is 4 and just as

Sometimes he threatens "No one can come in my room ever and ever again! Never!" (until it's time to read books before naptime...) ;)

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