November 4, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Day 3

The next time my Hubby tells someone that he "really doesn't travel all that much", I'm pretty sure I'll snort, groan, humph, roll my eyes, or do something thoroughly unladylike.

Not manly, just unladylike.

Needless to say, Hubby is out of town again and he took the laptop that had all the pictures from Day 3 of our trip. I thought I had moved over all the photos from that day but for some reason, I only have like, three of my pictures from when we stopped off at Fredericksburg! *sniffle*

I had some really fun pictures too. Cool pictures!

Ah well. At least I have my sister's to show.

Anyway, we got up early again on Saturday to hit the road. My brother's reception that started at 5pm that night was a five hour drive from the hotel if we didn't hit any bad traffic along the way, and Hubby wanted to stop off in Fredericksburg to see the sights.

Turns out, by the time we had done one tour of one place, we needed to get going or we could be late for the reception.

I suppose in many ways, "The Sunken Road" appears to be a somewhat unremarkable place. No grand or fancy buildings, except for maybe this one that you can see up on the hill.

What was remarkable, was the history of what took place there, the battle that was fought, the lives that were lost.

It's kind of hard to explain it all without my pictures so I won't really attempt to give a feeble account of what happened.

Let's just say that in an attempt to gain this wall, literally thousands of union soldiers would be shot in the space of a few hours.

But there is a story they tell, of a confederate soldier who, at the risk of his own life, went out on the battlefield to give water to the wounded soldiers on both sides.

They had both a sculpture and a painting about it.

They did have an original house still standing. You can see all the bullet holes in the walls.

Okay, so I almost did a little photoshop action with this next photo and change the word "arms" to "mars" and throw in the word "men".

But I didn't.

Don't ever say I've never shown self restraint.

Bro-in-law Dave, Hyrum
 Honestly, I don't think my little nephew was all that impressed.

On the road again, we passed some cotton fields.

 It truly is SO pretty out there.

*sigh* I miss the trees already. Trees are my one weakness.

By the time we arrived at the church building, it seemed as though everyone was frantically trying to finish things up in time.

So we jumped in to help.

It truly was one of the most beautifully decorated receptions I've ever been too.

Can I just say, one thing was becoming clearer and clearer on that trip.

My family is obviously starting to rub off on Hubby.

Heaven help me.

The proud parents on both sides.

I'm not sure who was happier, the bride and groom, or the parents!

Okay... so maaaayyybbeeee it was the bride and groom. Or at least it was a close tie.

My brother and his new wife danced to a song.

Well, obviously. Just let me finish what I was going to say! Sheesh!

My brother wrote the words, Rose wrote the music, and her sister sang it.

My dad watching on.

After the dancing, it was time for the cake!

Due to some cake issues, I got to help decorate it by adding the flowers. It was fun!

The cakes were made by Rose's sister in law. Each one was a different kind and wow, they were yummy! She did an awesome job.

Especially the chocolate mint one.

Chocolate mint is my one weakness.

After cake it was dancing time!

Now, you have to imagine my intense surprise when, during one of the slow songs, Hubby approached and asked me to dance.

No seriously, I almost fainted.

Hubby hates to dance.

When we were dating in college, I paid $22 for tickets to take him to Preference.

We danced one dance, a slow song of course, then left a half hour later.

That's how much he loves it.

So yes, I almost fainted.

Not that I'm a huge dancer myself.

After all those of us who are of a mature and serious nature, have an image to protect.

Oh, sorry if some of my sarcasm dripped off onto your computer.

Now, I just couldn't help myself. I indulged my inner snark again. These candid photos are just too much fun.

I hope my mother and aunt Fran can forgive for this, for they would never in a million years, but I just couldn't help it. The picture was too ideal. I mean, look at the fork in mom's hand!

Name that movie!!

And last of all, I will leave you with something... icky.

Want to know what they're doing with the fish??

Watch the video to find out!! (sorry its so dark, hubby has the better movie on his laptop)

Let's just say, it's amazing what a kid will do for two bucks.



7 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

The Phi Delts at the U of U used to eat goldfish, too. The difference? They were drunk!


PS. Looks like a fun, fun wedding. And I love the Fredericksburg story about the Good Samaritan soldier, too.

jaacs said...

LOL. Awesome!! We had goldfish at our reception...only not as classy. I had these small bowls and asked that only two or three be put in. Well, they crammed 6+ into each one. The poor things started dying. I looked over mid-conversation to see my husband tossing a goldfish into his mouth and thought, 'my reception has turned into a frat party'. LOL. Very funny. Looks like a good time!!

Sarah said...

"It's a Bug's Life" ?

And, SICK, on the fish part!

As to the shots of my mother, those might just have been the very words she did use:)

I love you:)

The Bagley Family said...

One of the missionaires here is from idaho, he commented on how we have TONS of tress and you guys are bare...I cannot live without trees in my yard;)
The only time (well not only...but a sure thing) hubby and I fight is when he tries to cut down my trees (we really do have too they tell me)

I didn't watch the goldfish video something tells me it isn't healthy for my keyboard.

Amy said...

that is awesome!!

I'm so jealous, I adore history and seeing historical places.

ldsjaneite said...

Only $2?! They pay a lot more in college. :-)

Larsen said...

DId they get sick? Can you really just swallow a fish like that?

I think I just tasted a bit of vomit....

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