November 19, 2012

The Gift of Giving - November Family Challenge

Ah... Thanksgiving.

My Facebook feed is filled with people's daily "thankful lists" as well as their outrage over the demise of Hostess and the great and powerful Twinkie.

As long as Cadbury is stable, I care not for such trivialities as no more Twinkies.

I always found those things to be too frightening to actually eat anyway. *shudder*

But during this month of Thankfulness, it is easy so sit down and say things we are thankful for. But how do we show it? And more importantly, how do we teach it?

How do we instill within our children a genuine desire to help others?

In my humble and un-asked for but you're going to get it anyway opinion, one of the greatest ways we can teach these principles boils down to: Service.

And we as parents need to set the example.

Hubby has volunteered at the local soup kitchen several times.

And I'll never forget the year when we were still living in an apartment, he gathered a whole Thanksgiving meal, put it in a large box, and left it on the doorstep of a family who's father had lost his job.

This past weekend, I took all five of my children with me as we teamed up with a small group of others and went around to several widows homes and raked the leaves out of their yard.

These may be small things, but I believe if we can be consistent in out service, our children will hopefully grow up with a service-minded attitude.

This month, The Family Network and True Aim Parenting and Education have challenged you to give back to your community as a family.

True Aim will be featuring some of your posts throughout the holiday season, so be sure to link up any and all ideas on how to give back with your family, favorite charities you support, or how to develop giving hearts.

Share your thoughts and ideas below by:
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This LDS Military Wife said...

Service is amazing! I was really touched by my Beehives I taught in our first ward after getting married. Everytime we asked the what they wanted to do for mutual, their response was, "Who needs service." When we asked them why they wanted to always do service projects they told us its because that's what the Savior would do. they also loveed the feeling they got when they gave service and wanted that feeling with them all the time. Those girls were amazing.

Sue said...

What a great challenge. I will take some pics when we do our YSA service thingy.


Mama Smith said...

SERVICE...never hurt our family...Remember all the service projects we did as a FAMILY? I believe...with all my heart...that SERVICE helped to make our family strong...binding us closer to the gospel...We tried to LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY through SERVICE...NO REGRETS...

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