November 12, 2012

I'm Cheating Today.

Due to the somewhat emotional and chocolate binge causing type week I had last week, I am calling today a "cheat" blogging day.
If you already follow this page on Facebook, I apologize for some repeat. If not, enjoy.
Best part of my whole day:  

At breakfast, Jacob starts to lift his bowl up to his lips to drink the rest of his cereal milk when he pauses. Then in full on girly-opera voice sings, "true LOOOOOOOOOVES kiiiiiiiiiiss".

Then continues to nonchalantly drink his milk.
Gotta love the movie "Enchanted".
It was Jacob's turn to say the family prayer. Once we miraculously got the kids settled down enough to do it, Jacob starts off in song, 

"Dear Heavenly Faaaather, thank you for this daaaaaaaay! Please help us to listen and obeeeeeeeeeey."
I don't think he even realized what he was doing because he looked surprised when I burst out laughing.
I tried not to, really I did.
But I think that only made it worse.


You'd think they had never played Angry Birds before. Yeesh.


Claira, my 17-month old, managed to call 911 last week not once, but twice!

The first time she at least had the decency to turn on the speaker so when I heard the "911 what's your emergency", I was able to snatch the phone away before they sent in cop cars based on the extent of loud screaming going on in the background.


The second time was when the kids had no school on Friday. I was trying to sleep in a few extra minutes while all the kids were eating breakfast so I didn't realize Claira was next to the bed or playing with my phone until I heard, "911, what's your emergency".

I sat up so fast I think I still have a headache from over-exertion.


(When I posted this, I was informed that any Brit or Harry Potter fan knows that "snogging" means "making out". But I'm okay with my 5-year old not knowing that yet.)
Jacob was walking around the kitchen singing, "Nephi's courage." (a song the kids learn in Primary)

"Laughing and snogging they said he should not try....."

Me: Uh, Jacob? I think it's "mocking", not "snogging". 

Jacob: Nuh uh! It's snogging! 

Me: Oh ya? And just what does snogging mean anyway?

Jacob: Snogging is when you go like this. *he demonstrates a huge and exaggerated sniff* That's snogging. 

Huh, who knew? Now I know what snogging means.

And so do you.


You're welcome.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Oh...thank goodness...YOU ARE RECORDING these precious moments! I am still LAUGHING!!!!! LOVE IT! (smile)

Sue said...

They really amuse me. And I love the pic of them and Angry Birds. I'm actually impressed how they're just letting him play and watching politely instead of trying to get him to give them a turn!


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