November 7, 2012

Just Because

It's true.
I'm one of "those" moms.
I mean, I try really, really hard not to be one of those "do as I say, not as I do" people, but when it comes to sugar, I fail miserably.
It's my one weakness.
Okay, and maybe the whole, "making the bed thing" isn't a strong point either.
........ Fine, nor is the concept of putting all your stuff away as soon as you're done.
But I digress.
Besides, this blog isn't about me! Wait......
While I can scarf down half a bag of chocolate without blinking an eye, I keep a close watch on how much my children consume at one time.
And just the mere thought of my kids eating sugar first thing in the morning makes me cringe.
I know, ironic coming from the girl who sneaks chocolate into the shower so I don't have to share.
I never ever buy sugar cereal unless it's for a special occasion, (like Christmas) and when I do make pancakes, it never really gets more interesting than regular ole' homemade maple syrup.
So occasionally, you just gotta shake things up and do something special for no other reason other than, just because.
Saturday morning was one of those times. Everyone was downstairs so they had no idea I was up to something.

Try not to be too jealous of our plastic folding kitchen table and fancy paper plates.
I know it's tough, but do try.
Maybe this is completely normal for you and you're looking at me all strange (not that that's new) wondering what kind of weirdo blogs about pancakes.
But hey, they had chocolate chips on them!
It was almost better than Christmas for these little monkeys.
I bet you can't guess which one's mine.
I know, I know! I told you, my one weakness.

It was such a fun thing for them and it put them all in such a good mood, that when we went off to run errands as a family, it was actually really fun!
Right up until Hubby decided he wanted to go look at four-wheelers and left me stranded in the store with five children while he went off joy riding on a test run without telling me and I had to run around and keep track of all of them and keep them from climbing onto anything and everything they saw and to make sure I knew where they were at all times as they ran off in five different directions!
*huge intake of breath*
But don't worry, I'm totally over it.

P.S. Hubby really did sheepishly apologize. He just got caught up in the moment.

Boys and their toys, you know?

8 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

You are one of those moms, your one of the GREAT ones, those pancakes are so cute and obviously were a big hit!!!

Alexes Covington said...

haha. No talk about the election...Whew. Thank goodness. haha. I DONT want to talk about it anymore...

I love your chocolate chip pancakes...Mmm I put my chips right in the mix...and cool whip the spray kind right on top...haha.
Thanks for the light post.
LOVE it!

Shelley said...

My kids don't have a lot of sugar because that gets expensive but everytime I make pancakes I put chocolate chips in. I had chocolate chip pancakes while at a girls camp and I have been hooked ever since. My other weakness is nutella peanut butter sandwiches. Love your blog as I am due any day with my 4th and my kids will be 4yrs old and under. Now I am going to go stuff myself full of sugar because I am pregnant and I can't get through any blog post about food!

balloongal said...

You made me laugh so hard when I saw the pancake that was yours.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I am severely addicted to chocolate. So much so that I dressed my 30 year old self up for Halloween and got myself a stash of candy. Pathetic? Maybe. Totally awesome. Possibly yes! The worst part is that didn't stop me from eating my kids stuff too. I always ration my kids with their sugar intake. What a hypocrite I am. Oops! Wow, this comment makes me sound like a 8000 pound lunatic. Really I'm not :)
P.S - oooo, beats for the hubby!

Mama Smith said...

I do believe...SURPRISES like what brings LAUGHTER...when you need it most...I LOVE IT!

Sue said...

Fun breakfast! Not so fun chasing the kids around during the 4-wheeler incident.

But yes, I do know what you mean...boys and their toys.


Larsen said...

You're a fun mom, you know it?

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