November 5, 2012


I have officially eaten more of my kids Halloween candy than they have.
The guilt is weighing heavily upon me. *hanging head in shame*
Oh drat, hang on a sec... I just finished off my candy bar and need to go grab another one....
Now, where were we? Oh yes... *clearing throat* the guilt is weighing heavily upon me.
You want to know the weird part? The kids haven't really been begging or pestering me for their candy. I mean, it's all just... sitting there on top of our fridge. Staring at me, taunting me all day. Just staring and staring....
The kids ask for it occasionally but they must be getting use to the fact that I won't allow them to have any until at least after lunch or something.
I don't know what's going on but, is that even normal for them not to beg every three seconds?
It just doesn't seem normal.
Anyhow, I confess to you that I have never bought my kids a Halloween costume. Ever, until this year.
Now now, calm down and let me finish! We have had people give us enough costumes that we either wear one of those, borrow some, or we make it up.
This year however, I thought the kids would like something different, so I found a bunch of used ones for $3 - $5 each! So everyone got a new costume this year!
Well, everyone except Savannah. I had one all set and ready to go but the lady I was going to buy it from flaked on me so I never got it.
I felt really bad. In an effort to remedy the situation, I rummaged around in my closet and pulled out some of my old skirts.

Here we are the the kids elementary school Halloween party the Saturday night before Halloween.

See that reddish "dress" Savannah is wearing? It's really just a brides maid skirt I wore at my best friend's wedding, pinned up with one of my little black formal wear jackets over it.

Thankfully she's a good sport didn't seem to mind one bit.

Halloween morning brought about the kids school costume parade.

Joseph - The Ninja

Savannah  - The Princess (she chose a different skirt of mine to wear this time, it's from my sister's wedding)

Okay, seeing her in the black top of mine makes me feel incredibly flat chested.

Just sayin'.

Jacob - The Goofy Knight (I mean seriously, what's up with those weird faces?)

After the older kids got home from school, the real dress up started.  Out came the swords, the masks, the face paint, oh, and yet a different dress for Savannah.

This time she's sporting a pink dress I wore as a pregnant brides maid at another friend's wedding.

She's getting to know the art of the safety pin real well.

We had to get dressed up early so we could go trick-or-treating at daddy's work! We go every year and the kids LOVE it!

All thanks to this wonderful lady - Jody!

She always puts together the special events for the company and they always turn out awesome!
I don't know what they'd do without her.
Once we were done with that, we raced home to snag a quick snackish-dinner before heading over to the neighborhood trunk-or-treat!
This time I did a bit of dressing up myself.

Joseph thought my mask was so cool he wanted to take a picture of it.

I made it and it's super easy. Here's the tutorial:

At the trunk-or-treat, we met up with Callie, Topher and their kids. (Callie's our cousin)

The kids had such a blast going together!

And... don't ask me what Hubby's doing. 'Cause I have no idea.

 But seriously, everyone had so much fun it was ridiculous, clearly an exciting event.

Thrilling really.

My sweet little bumble bee.

Savannah and me.
She's getting way too tall.
It's kind of freaking me out actually. How do they grow up so fast! Ahhh!
Family Picture!

 Ah well, we tried.

 All in all, it was a good Halloween this year.

Now if I could just keep the boys from chopping everything with their swords, we'd be in good shape.

5 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Everyone looks great! Love the face paint. And that mask is just hot. I think I'll do that next year.

Oh and guess what? (I'm in the mood for a little pity) I had to give up chocolate while I'm nursing. Doesn't agree with the little bub. Do I miss it?
I'd be telling a big, fat, dirty lie if I said no.

This LDS Military Wife said...

What a fun Halloween!! And the costumes are super cute!

Stef said...

Love Halloween. This was the year I refused to buy any costumes....kinda like last year and the year before. I love your mask!

Anonymous said...

Oh the dreaded family photo. I've gotten to the point where I don't care what everyone else looks like as long as I look good. Is that vain? Meh.
Cute mask btw, it beats my costume that involved a mullet and beard. Somehow my husband still thought I looked cute. Now THAT is true love! Haha!

Mama Smith said...

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...these pictures! I finally was able to take go over all the posts I have missed! So...enjoy...these chuckle over your family "moments"

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