November 26, 2012


My poor neglected blog.

I think it's mad at me.

 It feels rather miffed, cast off, forgotten.

I've tried to explain that while I may have lost my bloggy groove, even my not-so-famous bloggy sense of humor, it will always have a special place in my life, right up there next to my chocolate addiction.

And I will always blog, even if it does happen rather sporadically at times.

Alas, I think it's still mad at me.

But I will give you the scoop on our Thanksgiving and other life happenings soon.

Just as soon I finish unpacking.

We will also have a couple fun giveaways coming up next week! Pretty exciting stuff! So hang in there with me!

In the meantime I'm going to:
  • wipe up the bowl of spilled cereal
  • start the second load of dishes
  • figure out where to hide the bread because the half dozen half eaten pieces laying around the house are driving me crazy
  • do more laundry, as in all the bedsheets from all seven beds
  • pretend to think about cleaning the bathrooms
  • eat some chocolate chips
  • vacuum up the pile of crushed crackers
  • organize all the closets
  • update the budget
  • finish up several custom craft orders
all before the kids come home from school so I can focus on homework and chores!

Heh..... okay. That's so not going to happen.

Maybe I'll just lounge on the couch, watch a chick flick and eat bon bons.

Since that's obviously what stay-at-home moms do all day.

Especially after getting up six times thoughout the night to put crying, coughing, sick kids back to bed.

7 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

Being a mom is hard hard work.... I knew it before, but I didn't understand til I was one. And now I have the ultimate respect for people like my aunt and uncle who had 12 kids......

Saimi said...

And you're worried about your blog?? Man girl you sure don't lack for things to do! Just glad you have time to squeeze in some chocolate chips!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha! I always find time for the important things. :)

mama boss said...

You mean your kids swipe the bread and leave it all over the place, too?! I truly thought mine were the only ones...

Larsen said...

And I've neglected reading blogs! SO SORRY! Love you and your blog!

Sue said...

Seems like everyone has the blogging blahs lately, even me.

And I'm something of an addict...


candace said...

I was so glad to read about your bread troubles. My three-year-old does this all day long and I've resorted to hiding the bread as well. I thought I was the only one. :)

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