December 15, 2011

Winnner Announced and Other Random Things

Forgive the delay in posting.

It was the stinking school bus' fault.

Well... okay... I suppose you could say that "technically" it was my fault.

But I'm going to go with the fault landing on the bus.

The dang thing just can't be consistent! For a while, the bus was coming at 8:04am every morning. Fine. Then they got a new bus driver so it was coming closer to 8:08am. Sweet! Then yesterday, they had a new driver and it didn't come until about 8:12am!

And since it's now 3000 degrees below freezing here, it just feels like child cruelty to send my poor innocent little ones out the door any sooner than absolutely necessary.

So at 8:05am, we opened the front door just in time to see the bus driving away.


And in my rush to get to the school and back as quickly as possible, I may or may not, cause I'm not actually admitting to doing it, threw a hand up in frustration and say to the truck in front of me, "Dude, seriously? Can't you drive that thing any faster!?"

Then the rest of the way home, Alayna kept yelling at the car in front of us, "Drive faster dude!! Drive faster dude!"

Remind me to watch what I say from now on.

Anyway! Now for the reason you guys are all here this morning!

The winner is:

Congrats!! I'll be emailing you soon!

Don't forget there will be another giveaway tomorrow!


So, on a totally random note.

This little one is scooting everywhere! Not full out crawling yet, but totally scooting.

She attacked all my fabric that I had laid out on the floor on the other side of the room while I was making hair bows.

My days of luxurious relaxing are over!



This little one potty trained herself this past week!

You think you're surprised? Ha! Believe me. I almost fainted from shock! Little miss sassy-pants who had no interest in it whatsoever, up and decided one day that she wanted to wear underwear! And since I swear I've developed motherhood induced ADD, I kept forgetting to take her to the bathroom.

So after about two days of hit and miss accidents, she figured it out and just started taking care of business all by herself!

Sweet! One less diaper bill! Today, the chocolate is on me!!!

Oh wait. I think I may have actually... *clearing throat* eaten it all already.


Okay, that was awkward.


And finally, you know you really, really need to go grocery shopping when...

You discover a new box of cream cheese on the floor... gone.

When inquired about, I was told, "but we were really hungry!"

Oh dear.

I better go hide the sour cream.

5 super cool people speak:

Melissa said...

Heh...I know what kind of school bus thing you're talking about. And it should most definitely be blamed on the school bus. The ONE day we're not out waiting 2 minutes early, the bus comes 5 minutes early. And the one day I'm not out 10 minutes early freezing my tail off waiting for the bus to come home (it doesn't pick up my kids at our driveway, they have to walk across the street and down a bit), guess who comes at a record-early time?! Still makes me feel like a bum-mom!

Sue said...

This whole post cracked me up, but the cream cheese wrapper on the floor takes the cake!

My daughter was much easier to train than her brothers. I wonder if that's universal with girls and boys??


The Tolmans said...

Yay me I won!

the fowlers said...

at least they used a fork to polish of all that cream cheese?

i'm so jealous of your little potty-trained girl. i can only hope it is so easy for me, because i am not doing very well at it so far.

ldsjaneite said...

Eating sour cream plain, yes. I've never thought of doing so with cream cheese. Hmm...

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