December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

Did I ever tell you guys my poor iMac died a couple weeks ago?

It's true. *sniffle* We were best buds for over nine years! We've been through a lot together. Been with me since hubby and I first started dating! He's always been there for me, ya know? I feel so lost without him and my precious photoshop program.

I do my best with these silly little PC photo editing programs but, meh.... I need my photoshop back!! So I apologize for the sorry state of some of my photos.

Anyhow, did you have a splendiferous Christmas!? What'd ya do? Where'd ya go? What did ya get? Come come, spill it!

We had a rather great weekend ourselves. There is something so thrilling and exciting for children at Christmas time that seems to spill over and make everything sparkle with cheer!

Oh... maybe that's just the spilled water reflecting from the kitchen floor....

But they do have a rather fresh and unique perspective on things. Much like Claira and her favorite spot under the tree. Who wouldn't love it if your point of view looks like this?

Friday night we got a special visit from Santa, thanks to a swell neighbor who just so happens to be tight with him.

It's all about who you know, ya know?

I know it looks like Alayna is about to stab Santa with her candy cane, but I promise she's not. She told me later that, "Santa is berwy nice!"

After Santa took down what everyone wanted for Christmas, he took off in his modern, motorized sleigh (the reindeer need their rest after all) and went off to visit other children.

But the kids were even more excited for Christmas after that! If such a thing is possible.

Christmas Eve morning, we rounded up the children and explained that this year, we were all going to draw names for each other and go pick out a little present for them.

You would think we just told them they get to live at Disney World or something. They thought that was the greatest idea since the invention of sugar.

Which invention I happen to think is man's greatest achievement.

So we made our way to the over-crowded isles of Walmart where Hubby and I split up with the kids based on who had who's name, and the kids had a ball picking out little gifts for each other.

Alayna picked daddy's name and I had a really hard time convincing her he didn't need a baby doll or pink lip gloss.

By the time we got back, I was about ready to pass out (the anti-biotics for my infection were just starting to kick in so I was swinging back and forth between feeling better and crashing again) so I fell asleep during the movie that the family was watching... King Fu Panda 2 I believe it was.

I awoke to the sound of Hubby calling for dinner time. I trudged up the stairs to the smells of... pizza!!

Frozen pizza.

Yes, we did indeed feast upon (cooked) frozen pizza for Christmas Eve dinner.

And no one minded a bit.

After dinner and baths, the kids got to wrap the presents they got for each other.

Once they were done, we all sang Christmas songs. Alayna wouldn't be satisfied until we sang, "Once there was a Snowman" about 26532 times.

Ah, sponge rollers. They make me smile.

Then daddy read the nativity story from the scriptures.

After which the kids wanted to sing more songs.

After "Silent Night", things slowly deteriorated into songs like, "Randolph the Bow-Legged Cowboy" and "The Grinch".  Which of course led to Hubby pulling out his iPhone, which I have lovingly dubbed his "pocket mistress" since he spends so much time on it, and soon they were all watching and listening to any weird Christmas song they could find.

Once I finally threatened to flush his pocket mistress down the toilet if he didn't put it away, we had family prayer and put the kids to bed.

Or so we thought...


11 super cool people speak:

Renee said...

Believe it or not but we had a very quiet and simple Christmas. We did not get gifts for each other, we only bought for the kids. It was WAY less stressful and relaxing. No Black Friday for us this year. :) It was hot and we had to have the AC on all day, we were sweating, I swear on chocolate it was HOT!

Megan Jones said...

Ah sponge rollers! I had a wonderful love/hate relationship with them while growing up. I hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!

Saimi said...

How fun!!! I can't wait to see the girls hair unraveled, those sponge rollers are darling!!

The Bagley Family said...

SPONGE ROLLERS!! You have to tell me if it was worth it!! have you seen kathleen's hair or lack of it?? Now if sponge rollers are the answer to my prayer (of a little girl with cute hair), you just gave me an AWESOME gift:)

Cherie said...

So cute LOVE the curlers!! I love the enthusiasm that kids have - it just makes Christmas magical for mom's and dad's. The pictures with Santa (and your captions) are hilarious!

Stef said...

The suspence is killing me.
Ha, when we took all our kids into WalMart to buy for each other and split up then had to hide them from each other...yeah, the people at WalMart thought we were idiots. Little did they know they were the idiots.
Can't wait to hear the rest

Sue said...

Can't wait to hear the rest!


Lalani said...

What a great idea to have them pick gifts for each other that way! Fun way to get into the spirit.

Amy said...

So fun!

I love sponge rollers too. Takes me back.

We had our traditional Christmas eve fajitas and lots of time with family. I got a wheat grinder!!!! Totally unexpected, though very much wanted and needed. Homemade bread, yum!!

Mama Smith said...

GREAT GREAT Grandchildren pictures for this "long-distant" Granny...! (sniff...sniff)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the kids dividing up presents! The hair rollers are super cute too! And about the pizza - I always figured so much cooking and prep goes into Christmas and Christmas dinner etc. that I want Christmas Eve to be simple and easy so we've had a family tradition of make your own french bread pizzas.

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