December 21, 2011

Do you know Ted?

Withering... whimpering...

Aches... chills... sweating...

Pain... pain.... stinking pain

Headaches... nausea....

I'd almost rather be pregnant right now than deal with this blasted kidney infection... almost.

That's how awful it is.


When I was a kid, before the days of built in vehicle DVD players and handheld video games, and we went on long car trips, we played games like, The Alphabet Game, where you try and find all the letters in the alphabet on signs or license plates. Or I Spy.

But there was also another game we played. I have no idea if it was unique to our family or not, but it went down like so.

One person would start by saying: I one a (insert anything you can think of) slimy fish
The next person would say: I two a slimy fish
The next person would say: I three a slimy fish

And so on and so forth until it would get to the number eight.

I eight a slimy fish.

Then everyone would eeewwww and gross, you ate a slimy fish!

This could go on for a really long time.

Well, I made the mistake of teaching this little game to my family, since we lack any cool, built in electronics in our vehicle.

We've used all sorts of weird words for this game.

Even Claira. 

I eight Claira!

Anyway, one time, as we were playing this game, Hubby starts laughing out of the blue and says, "No wait, wait! I have a really good one!"

He started. I one Ted!

Jacob: I two Ted! (Hubby bursts out into hysterical laughter)

Joseph: I three Ted.

Savannah: I four Ted! (Hubby breaks out into hysterical laughter again. As in, so hard he's crying)

If you don't get it, you clearly don't spend enough time around men and their sense of humor.

The kids totally didn't get it at first but if Daddy thought it was so funny, then clearly it must be! So Ted gets brought up every time we play this game.

Like this past Saturday when we went in to the in-laws for their annual Christmas Party. (and this lame-o blogger forgot her camera) During the car ride, Ted was a frequent visitor in our game.

So, if you ever decide to play this game, be warned. If you let Ted in, he will never leave.

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7 super cool people speak:

Kelly said...

"If you let Ted in, he will never leave."

... Tell me about it!! (That's my husband's name.)

Kelly said...

Oh and PS, "four-Ted" TOTALLY fits the name ;)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! That's so awesome.

Amy said...

BAH ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I'm totally telling my husband. We have the maturity level of eight year olds when it comes to farts.

We used to play that game too. Only it would start out as "the sandbox." Then it progressed to stinky poo diaper. My brother always knew how to work the system so I'd always end up on eight. Ugh. Brothers.

Sue said...

Ahhh yes. Ted. I believe I knew him well, once.


PS. Get well soon! Mine always seem to clear up pretty fast once I get on the antibiotics!

dieMutti said...

Never had the kidney infection but it sounds miserable and I hope you feel better soon!

I HAD to comment on this because I, too, have a man of great IMmaturity when it comes to bodily functions... he is going to LOVE this one!

I didn't grow up with that kind of family, but it is kind of nice. Because a last minute stocking stuffer "four-Ted" book is always a hit :)

Larsen said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. LOVE that you shared this counting game with us...we totally let TED loved it!

Hope you're feeling better and had a great Christmas!

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