December 19, 2011

My To-Do List Makes an Awesome Paper Airplane

I started off last week on a total high.

I was taking my totally awesome incredibly fabulous vitamins every night before bed, waking up in the dark and early for some personal spiritual time, then did some exercising.

Yes, exercising.

Shockingly, I do know what that is.

But I still have no clue what the word, "nap" means.

Anyway, the thing is, I've been eating and eating all this chocolate, and for some strange, unknown reason, these last ten pounds of baby weight just won't come off!

I know, weird right.

So I considered upping my chocolate intake to see if that would help. But finally decided to try the whole healthy eating and exercise bit to see what that would do first.

The trouble is, I can never ever seem to get my beaten up carcass out of bed early enough to do it. And if I wait until after the kids are off to school, I have three active little ones begging for my attention, or insisting they need to exercise with me.

Meh, no biggie. It's actually rather cute.... until someone wants a drink, or is hungry, or wants to be held, or needs to go potty, or accidentally gets kicked, or they fall over into the wall.

Apparently their balance is as good as mine.

So exercising while children are awake is a joke. Such a joke.

Enter my vitamins that do wonders for my energy level and there I was, getting myself all up out of bed (even if it is a rather ungraceful, accidental swan dive onto the floor first) and getting things done!

But about Thursday, I was starting to get aches and chills and a few embarrassing and highly uncomfortable symptoms that screamed, "Kidney infection coming your way!!"

Ah nuts. Seriously?? Do I look like someone who has time to deal with a kidney infection? Huh? Huh? Do I!? Do I!?

Noooooooooooo...................................  I do NOT thankyouverymuch!

Just in case you were unsure.

Anyhow. So besides the 237856498734659873645187385746123587645 things I have to do this week, (just like every one else) I get to do it all while feeling constant, never ending jabbing pain in my lower back, among other symptoms.

Not that I'm complaining.

Well, okay. Maybe I am. Just a little.

Hey, I never claimed to be perfect!!

Oh wait.... maybe I have.

Eh hem... moving on then.

Knowing that this week is going to be crazy, I started looking for a few shortcuts.

One of them was the Christmas goodies.

You know, the ones people always make and hand out?  Ya..... SOOOO NOT going to happen this year.

So I cheated. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I saw this idea of using baby food jars to hold treats, although for the life of I can't remember where, and I thought, ah ha! Perfect! (I had been saving the jars for something else but something tells me I'll be collecting them for a while. Because right now, I'm feeling too lazy to make all of Claira's baby food)

So, just fill 'em with treats.

Cover 'em up.

Make sure to have plenty of little elflings to cheer you on.

And fight over the jars.

And wa la! Treats jars ready to be given away.

The kids chose most of the families who were to be the recipients. Hopefully you guys don't feel too left out.

Especially because I know how badly you all want a baby food jar covered in paper.

I can sense these things.

But the kids were so stinking excited to deliver them and we had a blast!... Right up until they started fighting over seats and Jacob got his fingers slammed in the car door.

Smiles and laughs turned into screaming and tears in less than four seconds.

Ah, Christmas cheer. There's nothing like it.

So now I'm off to a corner to suck my thumb and whimper in pain while contemplating what other totally awesome shortcuts I can do with items on my to do list.

Maybe I'll just make a paper airplane out of it and pretend it never existed.

I like that plan.

P.S. I just happen to discover that my amazing e-friend Amy did a little spotlight on me over at her blog! I know right! I was shocked too.

Well.... come on now. You don't need to act THAT surprised.

Anyway, she's really great. You should stop by and give her some bloggy luv.

13 super cool people speak:

Neisha said...

that is such a cute and super easy idea! thanks for sharing.

as for to-do lists...I just throw mine out after some time :)

Anonymous said...

What are these miracle energy vitamins you speak of

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Not miracle vitamins, just ones that really work for reasons that would take way too long to explain on here. (You can email me if you like)

Anyway, they are the Melaleuca Vitality Vitamins.

They truly make a difference in how I feel throughout the day.

Larsen said...

Too funny! I gotta say, THANKS for the jar! Glad to return the love, too, btw!

The Tolmans said...

What's funny about your kids fighting over jars before they were delivered, mine were fighting over the jar of goodies once it was delivered! Thanks for it by the way! I'm eventually going to get around to that sort of stuff sometime this week :) hopefully!

ldsjaneite said...

Oooh--kicking kids while working out. Yeah. Done that. Oops.

Feel better soon!

Stef said...

Oh you poor thing. Dang exercise. Maybe I shouldn't even try. Sigh.

What I Did Today said...

Just came over for a visit from Amy's blog. So glad I did! Not to laugh at you but...HaahahahAA! Well, I laughed about your kids falling into the wall and the whole trying to excercise with little ones around. So totally been there! I usually get sat upon when I lay down to do crunches. Or, I did, when I could actually DO crunches (pregnant). :) Hope you feel better soon!

Mama Smith said...

LOVE this simple idea! Hope I can remember...NEXT YEAR! (smile)

Cherie said...

P.S. I hope your list goes down a bit today that is awfully long :-D

Cherie said...

OK my first comment didn't post how dumb is that! Here is what it said: I think your idea is creative and fun and it looks like your kids thought so too!!!! Good Job!!

Sue said...

Pretty cute baby jars! I mean, you do baby jars up right...


PS. I'll go check out Amy's blog.

jaacs said...

Brilliant! Totally want to steal this baby food jar idea. I have been saving them to make mini snow-globes...but...I don't know. This might beat out making cookies tomorrow.

And YES! I know how that one goes. Everything is all happy and lovely and the next second everyone is in tears and yelling. lol. Merry Christmas to you!

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