December 22, 2011

Winners Announced and Baby Love.

Are you ready? Are you excited? Oh, I'm ready and excited! Especially since I'm doped up on pain killers and antibiotics. Compared to how I was feeling yesterday, I might as well be at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory swimming through a chocolate river of bliss.

Seriously, that's enough to make even the grouchiest of people happy.

So special thanks to Lisa who happen to drop by to give us Christmas treats and found me withering in pain on the couch, my children running a muck, and Hubby still at work.

It must have been a pretty frightening sight since she immediately set out providing dinner and babysitters so Hubby and I could go see the doctor.

Someone upstairs must really love me.

Or at least like me... a little.

So, the winner of Giveaway Number One, the book/cd combo goes to:

And the winner of the Giveaway Number Two, the new release cd goes to:

Congrats you two!! I truly hope you enjoy them!!

Don't forget to come back on Friday! I know it's going to be crazy busy with Christmas but let's face it, $50 is worth a quick drop by.... right?


Sometimes it's a wonder that little Claira hasn't been loved to death, literally.

She's been picked up by her head, more than once, compliments of Alayna.

I had a heart attack the first time Savannah carried her down the stairs.

I've told Jacob over and over again not sit on her.

And Joseph doesn't seem to understand why Claira gets upset whenever he lays down on the floor, puts her on his stomach, and tries to roll over together.

I take comfort in knowing that at least she'll be one tough cookie.

Still, these little monkeys sure do love their baby sister and are always so encouraging.

If only I could get them to stop pulling her around by her legs.

4 super cool people speak:

ldsjaneite said...

I didn't have the sound on, but wow that looked absolutely adorable!

Renee said...

LOL poor Claira... When my sister was only 3 days old my Dad put her in the crib and I was only 2 and I climbed in the crib somehow. I then got her out (to this day they don't know how and still don't want to know)and carried her under her arms with her head bobbing around. My Dad said my Mom went white and my Dad told her not to scream and he gently walked over to me and took Brenda from me. She is fine, except that little twitch when you say the work "crib". :) Kids are built tough just for that reason. LOL

Heather S said...

darling video!
looking back, i realize now why kid #4 started moving so much sooner than the other kids :) i also realize why kid #3 and #4 were our biggest babies. they went thru alot and survived!

Mama Smith said...

LOVED the video!

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