December 30, 2011

Winner Announced and Baby Teeth

Whew! Okay then! FINALLY got my stinkin' internet back up!

It's the kind of victory that calls for chocolate. So don't worry, got my bag of chocolate chips right here.

I confess, there are few thing more annoying to me than not having internet access. Does that make me addicted? Dependent? Strange?  Terribly good looking and clever?

What? I promise I am NOT trying to encourage you to choose one option over the other (Pick "terribly good looking and clever"!!)

Honest... I'm not! Because I would never do such a thing as to try and bribe someone in order to get something I want. (If you pick "terribly good looking and clever" I'll share my chocolate chips with you!)

So, the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of the $50 e-card is:

Congrats! I'll be in touch!

I'll kick off the last giveaway of the month later tonight. It might not be as exciting as 50 bucks, but I hope some of you will like it!


Claira had been sleeping through the night so well for so long that she's totally spoiled me. Then one night she just up and decided she wasn't going to do the sleeping thing anymore.

Torture, that's what it is.

Not that it's really her fault. Misery loves company and cutting teeth sure makes for a miserable baby.

But finally, joy of joys, her little teeth broke through! She's still not sleeping through the night again, but at least she not up every hour trying to chew her fist off or her blanket to shreds.

I was trying to take pictures of this headband I made, but the pictures turned out so cute of Claira herself and her new little teeth, I just can't help myself. I'm showing her off.

Man, do I make cute babies, or do I make cute babies!

You might as well admit it, I make cute babies.

Must be all that chocolate I ate.

8 super cool people speak:

Cherie said...

Congrats to the winner!

You definately make very cute babies!! Love the pictures.
Man you are so crafty you make people :-D

ldsjaneite said...

You make it's-not-fair-they're-so-cute babies!!

Garden of Egan said...

Yup! They are cute!

Sue said...

I have to agree. She is one cute baby!


Kira said...

1. I don't think you eat as much chocolate as you let on.

2. Your baby is very cute.

3. If the baby sleeps all night, which he did not last night, then someone else is always up. Is that not pretty true for you?

4. Cute headband. My girls would love it.

Brenick said...

OMG I AM SO STOKED!!! woo hooo!!!! thank you!!

Mama Smith said...

I think you make "adorable" grand-babies for this Granny! So GRATEFUL! (smile)

Ethan Pew said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely baby! She looks absolutely gorgeous in that cute little jacket. I hope the teething process would be so much easier for her in the coming weeks.

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