December 7, 2011

Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

I just KNEW I never should have gotten involved with you. I heard you were dangerous, everyone said so. But I didn't listen, I thought I would be immune to your charms.

But I'm not. I burned my chicken for dinner last night and it's all your fault!

Because I, being the ever responsible, organized, and perfect person that I am, would never do something so completely rediculous otherwise.

*Eh hem....*

You know... that was a little harsh. You really didn't need to bring that one up again.

That hurt. Hurt me deep.

Okay fine. Whatever.

I know we just met, but things are moving too fast. I think we should step back and take a break.

See you in half an hour.

P.S. Last day to enter this week's Giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow!

5 super cool people speak:

Sue said...


I haven't had the nerve to brave Pinterest yet, and I may not go there. I am already so busy with blogging that I'm not sure I need another thing!


Heather S said...

i'm just getting started on there... i think i'm gonna need some therapy.

Mama Smith said...

Just introduced to it by my darling daughter-in-law, Annie...and YOU! Are you trying to get me into trouble? My goodness...By-the-way...Annie is going to show me how to set it all up and use it when they come up in a couple of weeks! (smile) See you on PINTEREST! By-the-way...your story...inspired me NOT to COOK during my interlude with PINTEREST! (smile)

FoodSnots said...

I completely agree!! I have to limit myself on that site cause I could literally be on there for hours.

Lisalulu said...

AMEN, boy oh boy do I hear ya!!! I am thinking of having one night a week dedicated to pinterest instead of EVERY NIGHT!!!

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