December 8, 2011

Winner Announced and The Lost Shoe

This part is always so bittersweet for me. I wish so much I had four or five of these to give away.

Well, according to, the winner of the "5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges" book is:

Congrats Stacie! I'll be emailing your shortly!

I hope to see you all tomorrow for the start of another (totally different) giveaway!!!


The Lost Shoe

A friend gave me these ridiculously cute baby shoes.

I love, love them. True, they are still a teensy bit big for Claira's feet, but I put them on her nonetheless as it is about negative 37854897356 degrees here.

I'm not exaggerating! I never, ever, ever exaggerate.

And out the door I went with four of the five kiddos to run some errands.

They was those horrible quick "in and out" kind of errands too.

Because of those, I have learned to really despise car seat buckles.

Anyway, after being glared at by the post office lady as she informed me that anything my kids ruined I would have to pay for, and surviving a trip the bookstore, I was getting my kids loaded up when I noticed it.

One of Claira's shoes was missing!

Oh drat. Go figure! Of course it is.

Going back into the store, I checked all the isles we had been through and asked the cashier if anyone had turned in a lost baby shoe.


Groaning at the thought of facing the grumpy post office lady again, I drove back, parked right in front of the doors, locked the kids in and sprinted through the post office. Luckily the grumpy lady wasn't there, but neither was the shoe.


When I arrived at my last "in and out" destination, I made sure to check all around the car seats and the floor when I pulled all the kids out.


Feeling rather dejected by the time I arrived home that I had somehow lost one of those ridiculously adorable shoes, I went into the house.

It was then that Alayna came racing over. "Mommy mommy wook! Baby Dewa's sue!!"  Sure enough, there in her little hands lay Claira's other shoe.

It had never even made it out the door with us!

Go figure.

Then I had a sneaky suspicion. So I approached Claira and asked her straight up if she did that on purpose just to tease me.

This is what she had to say for herself.

Pish, kids these days. No respect!

6 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

I told you NOT to do Pinterest. I warned you of the evils. (I'm reading your previous post)

Those shoes are so stinking cute!
I bet Claires chubby little feet are so cute in those.

Stacy said...

She is so stinking cute. We just watched that video twice because my girls were laughing so hard.

Sue said...


How cute is she?

Pretty darned cute, I'd say!


PS. As are her shoes...

Amy said...

Awesome. I really did laugh out loud at this one. lol just doesn't seem to cut it today.

Musing Mama said...

Hey, we have those shoes too :) When my first little one was a 10 month old we bought her a new pair of sandals, put them on her feet and drove to hang out with friends with the car windows down. A little while later I looked back to check on her, and one shoe was just GONE. Forever.

Mama Smith said...

Oh...first of all...I LOVE seeing Claira doing so well...I gather she is doing so much better...and NOW EATING...This is all...a VERY GOOD SIGN! Makes this Granny VERY HAPPY! And as for that Grumpy Post Office lady...I am surprised one of the kids didn't warn change her attitude...or she was only going to get a LUMP OF her stocking this year!" (smile)

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