December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

I failed to post Alayna's rendition of "Silent Night" yesterday.

Don't be fooled by all that ridiculous cuteness. If you stick your finger in too close, she's likely to bite it off. 

And yes, she sings like this at church too. It's so awesome.

Now, where were we.

Oh yes, we had put all the kids to bed Christmas Eve... or so we thought.

Being the ever organized and ready person that I am, I had yet to wrap a single gift.

Not wanting to risk the kids coming out of their rooms and discovering their Christmas booty being wrapped on the kitchen table, I took everything out from the back of my closet and laid it all out on the floor at the foot of the bed where I started in on the wrapping while Hubby dozed on the bed as he watched.

I consider myself a girl in control of herself for not chucking the tape at his head.

Lovingly of course.

I was only a present or two into the wrapping process when none other than Savannah walks in.

Who knew that after having five kids and multiple stretch marks engraven on her stomach that one could still be so quick and agile? I leapt to feet faster than you could say "Santa Claus", even I was impressed with myself, and shooed her out of the room.

Of course I'm not fool enough to kid myself into thinking that she didn't see anything, and she doesn't really believe in Santa anymore, but still.....

I asked her what in the world she was doing out of bed and she turned on the whine. "But mom! I couldn't sleep! My brain won't stop thinking!!"

Oh... THAT excuse again huh?

"Mom? Can you please leave a plate of cookies of Santa?"


"And a snack for Rudolph?"

"Whatever you want. Of course. Now go to bed!"

I'm ashamed to admit that I never did those things and I'm pretty sure I felt myself blush the next morning when I overheard Savannah say from the kitchen the next morning, "Santa ate all his cookies and Rodolph at his snack all gone!"


It was a little after 7am when the kids came tearing into the bedroom yelling that Santa had come! Oh the excitement! Everyone was in such an good mood.

We started by opening family gifts, then moved onto the gifts generously given to us by others. Finally ending with presents from Santa and his crew.

Due to the absence of my believed photoshop program, I figured this was the best way to show some for the pictures from Christmas morning. Don't worry, there's not that many.

But to be sure, my favorite picture from the whole day is of Jacob checking out the new marshmallow gun Uncle Abe made for him.

Hahaha.... it makes me laugh.

Soon after, we all got ready for church. I thought it would be smooth sailing since church was only to be the first meeting.

But after an hour, it was clear to me the kids had ants in their pants and I for one was ready for the meeting to be over.

I know, I'm terrible.

But it's true.

So when we got home I announced that no one was allowed to change until we tried to snatch a couple family pictures!

We did our best. Thank goodness for the timer setting on the camera!!

And so it was that the rest of Christmas was filled with the sounds of new toys and happy children.

Me? What did I get?

Funny you should ask.

Did I ever tell you the story about the time Hubby got me a vegetable peeler for Christmas? No? Well, I'll save that for another time.

But I was shocked and amazed when I opened up this beautiful thing.

Hubby later said, "Hopefully this makes up for the vegetable peeler."

Boy does it ever!! I love it!

Hubby's been a real sport this past week with me being sick and all., he's really stepped in and helped out a lot.

Now, as you know I'm not one to be all mushy and stuff, but he deserves a little mush this time.

Thanks honey, you've been great! Really truly.

And there you have it. Our simple Christmas story.


9 super cool people speak:

Neisha said...

lol...loved Alayna's singing! :) It reminds me of a friends daughter who was singing during church service and this is what she was singing" my daddy spanks me everyday" :)

Garden of Egan said...

Very cute.
Looks like excitement in the Heiner household.
Enjoy the Kindle.

Sarah said...

Hubby's gift ROCKS!
And I too experienced the same thing at church: ants in pants doing a back flip dance. It was the best turn out of the whole year, or so it seemed, but my little people who spontaneously all woke up at 4:45a.m. were a little less than their best come Sunday sacrament meeting. It made for present opening a little smoother since church started at 9:00a.m., but I would have been okay if we needed to come home and finish the deal. :)
Also, CUTE pictures: baby Clara, Jacob, girls in curlers, family shot. Kudos to you Girl! I was pleased to being wearing a dress, but I was not nearly so presentable. :) I was hoping the charity of Christmas would bring out the more loving side of my ward members and their opinions of me. :)
Hooray for beautiful Christmas! Hooray for the sprinter in every mother who made it to the door before too much was discovered and hooray for making it through all the wrapping. :)
I love you. Just thought I should mention that here. :)
Love you!
p.s. I am SO sorry for the one of the worst months ever to have a kidney infection too! Awful!
Miss you!

Mama Smith said...

The whole POST made me SMILE! Hey...I got a "comb" this Christmas...from one of your dad's steers...(your dad didn't like me using his...) Yeah...I think your hubby's "peeler" just got UPGRADED...(smile)

Megan said...

Oh, the Kindle Fire! Those are pretty neat, what do you think so far? My hubby just got one to test from his IT job and he's already begging for one for himself!
Merry Christmas!
(And don't feel bad about the vegetable peeler, I got a meat tenderizer/mallet this year from MY husband!)

Lisa S said...

I love the curlers in the hair.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the illness...there's no "good" time for a Mom to be sick...but this is probably the worst!!! You were NOT alone in your late night wrapping! I just KNEW I would be busted while carrying and wrapping things. My "excuse" was going to be that Santa was extremely busy and asked me to wrap....fortunately, I didn't have to use it...even putting together a pink trike! But the little princess walked away in the stockings...and Santa was not able to locate them. At least there were some "Christmas Buckets" available. Haha...always and adventure!

:D Maria

Momza said...

Just had to laugh at the gift-wrapping surprise! That's happened to me more than I can recall. What we moms do to keep "magic" alive, hunh?! So worth it though.
You have a beautiful family, Serene.

Sue said...

I think you got some great pics. And a great present, too.


PS. Dave gave me a bracelet. Love it!

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