February 27, 2010

I trick people into thinking I have an awesome blog

Blog awards are so much fun! Not quite as good as getting chocolate, but close. 

I was lucky enough to receive two recently from two totally fab bloggers. I would throw a party in my honor but I doubt anyone would come. I don't have enough money to bribe all of you into coming to the frozen tundra of snowland. Sad, but true.

My husband had to pull the marriage card on me since he didn't have enough money to bribe me either.

Anyway, Wonder Woman over at Amazing Family bestowed this lovely blog award on me a couple weeks ago. Sorry I'm so slow to blog about it! I hope we can still be friends!

According to the rules from her blog, I am to list 10 things that make me happy then pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. Well, here it goes!

This list is not necessarily in order. Which should be obvious since chocolate is listed in the middle.

10. Swimming. As much as I cringe at the idea of having to squeeze my baby ravished body into a swimsuit, I would do it in a heart beat to go swimming. Luke thinks I'm part fish, I think he's part rock. He can't really swim. But since this isn't about him, its about me me me... (*cough* and humbly continue)  I'd just like to say, I love to swim.

9. Lotion. I single handedly keep Jergens in business. I apply it from head to toe EVERY DAY after my shower. I go through oodles of it. I couldn't live without it. If my house were to catch fire, the first thing I would grab is my bottle of Jergens Shea Butter.

8. Daisies. Don't mind me, I'm just dropping yet another subtle hint to my husband since he obviously didn't catch the first one. Do you guys think I need to draw a picture?

7. Shoes. Three years ago if you had told me I would be one of "those" girls who loved shoes and wanted to own a billion pair I would have laughed at you and sent you straight to the nearest psych ward. (not that I would know where that actually would be...*cough*) But in the last two years, I have doubled the number of shoes I own. I'm slowly learning that there is no such thing as too many shoes.

6. Drawing. I don't get to do it nearly as much as I would like. I'm actually quite rusty. I picked up my pencil the other day for the first time in ages and couldn't think of a single thing to draw. As much as I love and adore drawing portraits with pastels, I confess, I miss drawing dragons. Don't hate me because I'm honest.

5. Chocolate. I have strapped four little bums into their cars seats, driven to the store, loaded them up into a cart and walked into the store only to come out 6 minutes later having only bought chocolate; then walked out to my car, strapped four little bums into their car seats and driven home. That's how much I love chocolate.

4. Books. I just read "The Goose Girl" in four hours. All 383 pages of it... minus the ten or so pages I skimmed to get to the end. Get past the first couple of chapters and, so good! My book collection makes me happy. I want more. I want the library that the Beast gave to Belle. Its not fair that beautiful, fictional characters get all the cool stuff.

3. Blogs. How else would I be able to get such cool awards and meet so many awesome people... okay, maybe not actually meet them, but e-meet them. I think I'll contact Webster and make that an actual word.

2. Family. I don't care if anyone out there thinks its velveeta cheesy. I love-a love-a love-a my family! Not just my own little unit of terrorizing monsters and my husband who just can't seem to find daisies anywhere, but also the family I grew up in. My seven weird sibling and my awesome parents. I love them all! The in-laws aren't half bad either.

1. Faith. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been my guiding force and strength for as long as I can remember. I am who I am because of it (with a little help from my parents of course). I am grateful to have it in my life. So very, very grateful.

I thought I would pass this award onto some new blog friends I've made recently. I simply adore them and NO, I did NOT list them in order of favorites, just so you know. Be sure to check them out! The 10 bloggers I would like to bestow this award to are:

~ Linda over at See Mom Smile. Like to laugh? She's got the blog for you!

~ Sarah over at For the Love. She has all the fashion sense that I want, but don't have.

~ Evelyn over at The Perks of Life. I think our kids became best friends in the pre-existence as they sat together in the time-out corner.

~ Jackie over at House of Sarager. I just find her blog all-around enjoyable and fun.

~ Patty over at Pitterle Postings. Compares real life to gospel principles.

~ Err... so I don't know her first name and she just had a baby but I think she rocks, The Fowlers live here

~ MommyJ over at Mommy Snark. I think the title speaks for itself.

~ DeNae over at My Real Life was Backordered. I'm not really sure what to say other than, brace yourself. She is a crack-up!

~ Stacy over at Sanity for Stacy. Her son had a cranio surgery like Alayna did, only their experience wasn't as successful. She's got it hard right now, but I love her anyway!

~Brae over at I'm not a Volcano and other such stories. She's got this blogging thing down to an art!

WHEW! That was actually kind of exhausting to write up! 

Okay, in case you had forgotten by now, I said I received TWO awards. Here is the other one from the totally awesome Amber over at Making the Moments Count.

I think it will look so pretty on my blog. *sniff* I love it!

Thanks to all you lovely blogger babes!

17 super cool people speak:

Evelyn Perkins said...

*deep breaths* I was laughing through the whole thing. You have to be sure I loved the part about our kids! LOL!!! Thank you so much! Funny thing is I have a blog award that's been sitting around for a few weeks too and I was totally gonna pass it on to you. How redundant is that?!? Haha!

DeNae said...

Thank you for thinking of me, Serene! Your blog is darling; I love that masthead.

Linda said...

Wow my first award. That made my day! You like me, you really like me! Just between you and me Serene, you did list them in order of preference didn't you?!?!

Sooo glad I don't have to put four bums in the car just to get chocolate! I grew some babysitters and can now get chocolate at the drop of a hat!

Valerie said...

Congrats to you on your awards! Now I'll have to go visit all those links and find even more great blogs. :)

Heidi said...

Yay! I love "you" blog posts about, uh, you.

I'm so glad you loved "Goose Girl!" It's one of my new favorite retold fairy tales. And I, too, have always wanted the Belle's library present.

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Congratulations on those awards. I recently got one and didn't know what to do with it....ack! I am new to this blogging stuff.

Krista said...

Congratulations on your awards! Woo Hoo! I also like the masthead - I thought "AW! Look at those cute little piggies." Now mine would have callouses and not be as cute as those! Ha! I only have one tiny one left who would have cute enough feet. Thanks for the recommendations - always looking for cheery blogs!

Amber said...

I started my blog in an attempt to squash my narcissism. I think the reverse has happened. : )

I loved your list!! Lotion is also something I can't get enough of. And Jergens is my favorite brand. : )

Sarah loves it all said...


You are such a great girl. I'm so glad to have e-met you. I love the way you write and seriously enjoy your blog. Thank you for the award, your comments, and for making me laugh!

As Told By Molly said...

Loved Goose Girl; my house fell to pieces and I fed the kids cereal for dinner because I couldn't put it down.
Actually I love all the things on your list, except swimming. I live in AZ you would think I would like that kind of stuff, go figure.

SweetWICK said...

Very neat blog & post. Lists make a post easy to read, especially when I feel there's a lot in common between writer and reader. I'm looking forward to reading more fellow Sits-stah!

GordoSafado said...

Hmmm...will you have cake and ice cream? I'd come to your party if you had that....

MommyJ said...

Aw shucks. Thanks so very much. :) Count me in as one of the tricked... cause I think you really do have a great blog. Any awards received must be well deserved. :)

Stacy said...

Thanks for the bloggy love! It did make my day. I love reading your blog because it feels like you and I are living the same life at times. Plus, you know how to pronounce craniosynostosis, which makes you super cool.

Mama Smith said...

Sniff...Sniff...my little girl..is now getting awards!!! Do you think I can get a bumper sticker...that says "My daughter is the AWARD BLOG QUEEN"? (smile)

Jackie said...

Thank you sweet friend! I am honored, especially since I think lately my blog has been neglected!

You are a sweetheart! Love you so much!

the fowlers said...

aw, i'm so flattered. i will get to it - especially now that i don't live at the doctor's office. i'm excited.
oh, and my first name is bradie. how rude of me to leave that out. :)

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