February 4, 2010

Perhaps I should have skipped posting today. Too late.

This morning I woke up and thought to myself, self, you are going to try and write something uplifting and inspiring! Something that will get you through the rough patches of the day with a big smile on your face.

So I gave it a shot.

Inspiring thought, take one.

"When the kids are screaming at you, remember, you have them for all eternity."

You know, there's something not quite right about that. I'll try again.

Inspiring thought, take two.

"You have to potty train sooner or later. You just need to decide when you can handle the messes." 

Hmm... still not quite right.

Inspiring thought, take three. 

"You might as well accept the fact that you're going to be tired for a long, long time. Enjoy it!" 

Okay okay, so I won't be writing an inspiration thought book anytime soon. But I do love my kids. Every single stinking one. This whole mommyhood thing is the best.

P.S. I just found out I was guest posting over at Mormon Mommy Blogs! Check it out!
Oh, if you've been a long time reader of my blog then you'll recognize this from posts past.

8 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Yay for guest blogging!

And you don't need an inspirational thought. Your whole blog is an inspiration for me. And more honest, detailed, realistic and entertaining than a clever quip could ever be.

Patty Ann said...

Love it! Thanks for posting. I love the honest, fun, and entertaining stuff!

wonder woman said...

Every now and then I try to write something fantastic, and it usually ends up similar to your attempts.

I loved your guest post!

Stacy said...

You saved your inspirational thought for your email to me.... :)

Kira said...

At least keep those super tired thoughts TO YOURSELF! I am trying to lie myself out of being tired. It's not working, but I had to try. I guess, it they are eternally mine, I'll be eternally tired.

MommyJ said...

Loved your guest post over at mmb... and happy it led me to your blog. You remind me a little bit of, um, me, except maybe cooler. :)

Mama Smith said...

I so enjoyed your Mormon Mommy Blog...After reading it...I wondered if my days were like that...It is a good thing...I simply "don't remember"..."like labor"...(smile)All I now...remember is...I have the GREATEST "8" children in the world...and have wondered...what I ever did...to deserve...such a GIFT!!!

The Perkins Family said...

I stumbled upon you because of your Mormon Mommy blog. You speak my language lady! Great post!

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