February 3, 2010

This post is untitled because I have no title for it. Makes perfect sense.

The thing about having one car quit working, is that I get left home without a car because Luke has to take the one that still works to work.

I believe that's called a run-on sentence.

Even if I have no plans to go anywhere, I find comfort in knowing that I have a vehicle sitting in the garage in case I need to escape the house, with all four kids if necessary.

Not having a car means not having that option. And it drives me nuts. (Should I find a pun in that somewhere?)

I had high hopes that the sun would shine today so that I could brave the cold and take my kids outside to play. But I wrong... again.

Excuse me while I finish my note.

Dear clouds, 

Go away. I need sunshine and my kids need vitamin D. Lives are at stake, sanity is compromised, and internal disputes have increased. 

Its all your fault. Feel guilty. 

Yours never,

Now where was I? Oh yes.

It even snowed today! Okay, so it barely snowed. It might not even count as snow. But I distinctly recall that white stuff falling from the sky. And I believe that's called snow. So yes, it snowed.

I asked the kids, do you want to color? 


Do you want make something? 


Would you like to play a game! 


Which one? 

The fishy game! 

Can't, you broke it. 

Hungry Hippos! 

Can't. You guys lost the hippos. 

(crying and moaning) 

Well, what would you like to do? 

Go somewhere! 

Can't, no car. 

(crying and moaning)

So what have we done today? Well, the boys have scraped the brownie pan for all its worth.

Watched movies and played with legos.

Savannah re-did her hair when she got home from school.

And I played with cute pictures that make me baby hungry.


Oh, I can't take the cuteness!! Seriously, I think this was done on purpose. I was deliberately sent a baby that would make me so baby hungry, all dreaded thoughts of being pregnant again would vanish. And ten kids wouldn't sound like a lot.

Okay, I take that back. Ten kids does sound like a lot. Don't get your hopes up. It'll never happen.

11 super cool people speak:

Valerie said...

I hate being stuck at home without a car too! Luckily I haven't been for a while. I hope you are back to 2 cars soon.

Cute pics. That last one is so adorable. My 7 year old, Sabrina, was baby talking to the picture. Hehe

Heidi said...

Well, at least the kids helped you with the brownies. Love the last 2 pictures.

wonder woman said...

Trapped at home with no car is the pits. And crummy weather on top of it....tomorrow has got to be better, right?!

Caleb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie said...

My condolenses on the car situation. We are currently a one-car family, so I feel your pain. We have occasional afternoons of desperation...

Brittney said...

You're so funny... such a good writer.

Ali said...

This post was too funny! I really love the note to the clouds! Found you via MBC. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

"The sun will come out...tomorrow...", we hope for your sanity!!! Bummer about the vehicle!!!

As for your playing...How GORGEOUS!!! Very impressive! What program did you use to do that? She is enough to cause many to be baby hungry!
:D Maria

Amanda in GA said...

Just wanted to tell you what a cute blog you have.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Maria: I just used photoshop. And I have an old one, Photoshop 7.
(sigh) What I wouldn't give for Photoshop CS...3? Or whatever number they are on now.
I'm so outdated.

Mama Smith said...

That last picture of Alayna...should be FRAMED and put up on the wall!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

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