February 28, 2010

My ego is easily influenced, so I'm giving you stew meat.

I would like to start out by simply saying, it's all your fault.

No it, really is.

I quite innocently posted a few recipes, the most recent being of course the Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies and then Savannah's Stuffed Pasta Shells. That's it! That is all I did.

And then what did YOU have to go and do? Actually MAKE the recipes! I was stunned. I didn't think anyone would actually TRY the recipes I posted. I guess with all the other gazillion blogs out there posting recipes I didn't think anyone would bother with mine. And I'm certainly not a cooking Goddess like Valerie.

So you can imagine what you did to my dimly lit domestic ego when I received a few comments and emails back (that's right, I'm especially eyeing you Maria and Denise) saying how yummy the recipes were. Some people even went so far as to ask me for more!

I know! Good thing I had my smelling salts handy.

From there my dimly lit domestic flame of an ego, flared into a full blown roaring forest fire. I puffed out my meager chest and said to myself, "Self, you and I make a pretty good cooking team when we want to be... never mind that its not all that often, but you should share the tasty recipes with the world! Or at the least the three people who read this blog."

So, its all your fault that I'm going to try and post a weekly recipe. I'm sorry if you are rolling your eyes and groaning. I suppose you'll just have to avoid me on Sundays. Or come and feed my domestic ego with delicious comments and feedback.

I'll let you choose.

So, drumroll please! Today Me, Myself, and I, would like to present the super easy, yet oh so VERY tasty:

Stew Meat and Soup
(it was a family favorite in my house growing up)

1 package stew meat (since we get our meat from my in-laws, I will often just cut up a roast or some steaks. It works just great too!)
1 package Lipton Onion Soup mix
2 cups water
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Pour all ingredients into a pot that can go into the oven over raw meat. Cover and cook at 250 degrees for about 4 hours.

Serve over warm rice.

Ta da! The meat is always so soft and it really is yummy.

This picture was taken BEFORE it was cooked. I wasn't actually home when my family devoured it so I have no "done" photo.

Anyway, you'll have to let me know if any of you try it out!

8 super cool people speak:

Suze said...

I found your blog from your comment on SITS. So far, so good. That recipe looks nummy. I'm all about meat and starches!

Stacy said...

Must not try the brownies, must not try the brownie...

Mama Smith said...

Anyone who LOVES...yummy sauces over rice...YOU WILL LOVE this RECIPE!!!! It truly was a FAMILY FAVORITE!!!! (out of the mouth of two or more witnesses) (smile)

Valerie said...

Oh my! It was a big surprise for me to see my name included in your post at all, let alone with such a huge compliment! I have never been called a cooking Goddess and I don't even have a regular food blog. So nice of you! (But watch out. My ego might not be able to handle it. )

This is such an easy looking recipe. I'm looking for easy, quick dinners so thanks for posting more of your yumminess.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Well, I think you're a cooking Goddess. And it only matters what I think, so there.
I wonder if you could get your name changed then you could walk around introducing yourself like so, "Hi! I'm The Cooking Goddess!"
Come on, how cool would that be!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Those big food blogs scare me! I like seeing the real mom recipes like this! Thanks for sharing! BTW, the shells were delish!! I'm adding that one to my collection of five recipes. haha!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh good! I'm so glad you liked them!!
See? There you go, feeding my big fat ego again. =)

hjsmith said...

Hey girl(: there are obviously more then 3 who read your blog(: hehe I love reading I just dont always post. Thank you for an easy recipe idea...I am on burn out in every area right now and that so includes the food area. Cant wait to make it(: Have a super duper day(:

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