February 15, 2010

Of course. Go figure.

And all those other phrases you say when the unexpected expectedly happens.

I have to confess that Saturday night, I was one of those last minute Valentine shoppers crowding up the Walmart check out lines, feeling slightly awkward at being crammed between several men who were doused in cologne and holding bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate. 

What do you bet most of them realized last minute that they ought to do something for their lady love so they wouldn't end up sleeping in the snow?

Anyway, I was there getting goodies for my kids. But I'm using the excuse for my last minute shopping on the fact that we still only have one working car. So there.

I stayed up late that night, cleaning and decorating the kitchen. Luke wouldn't let me "heart attack" the kids doors cause he was afraid of peeling the paint, (party pooper) so I had to settle for the kitchen cupboards. I even made him help me. You would think I was asking to jump into a frozen lake or sell his truck by the way he groaned and moaned, but he did it anyway! Good man.

But it was cute! The table had a bright pink plastic (of course, I know better than to use anything else) tablecloth, complete with confetti and a cute bouquet of fake (of course, the kids would just fight over real ones) flowers. I even stayed up late making these super cute hairbows for Savannah to match her new $3 Walmart sale shirt. 

Even I was impressed with myself.

I woke early Sunday morning to go to a church meeting and was sad I wouldn't get to take pictures of their reactions when they first saw the kitchen. But I consoled myself by saying I'd take pictures when I got back.

But when I did, I was dismayed to see my cute table completely torn apart and the tablecloth waded up and thrown onto the counter. Luke brought me up to speed.

"Be careful. There's a whole bowl of spilled Cheerios in the middle of that thing." 

Of course.

We then loaded up the kids and made it through Sacrament meeting in one piece. But then it was time to take the kids to their Primary classes. Joseph is still not too keen on going as was evidenced by the fact that as soon as he saw where we were going, he promptly turned around and ran away.

Go figure.

You think I'm joking? I quite literally chased him down three hallways in 5 inch heels.

Try not to enjoy the visual image TOO much.

Anyway, I won't go into the classroom woes of all the kids. There's only so many times one can hear about screaming boys and baby girls slamming chairs together and knocking over trash cans.


When we got home I had three starving, well, at least THEY thought they were starving, kids and one sleeping baby. What else was there to do other than make PINK PANCAKES!! Wahoo! I thought it was an awesome idea. Luke found it a bit disturbing.

The kids however, thought it was down right awesome! I mean, how could you not!

It was a big hit.

And what's a Valentine's day post without a picture like this!

Don't take it personal. Luke just doesn't like smiling for the camera. I wonder if its a guy thing?

After lunch the kids got a special treat. I found these little tin cans at Micheals a couple years ago. I remember my mom having some for Easter and she would fill them up with candy for us. I think that's why I got them and think they are so fun.

The rest of the afternoon Luke and I spent sleeping in the living room while the kids sat on us and watched movies.

Did I mention we were sleeping? *sigh* It was a good day indeed. Naps are so rare. I value them above gold. And it does wonders for the bags under my eyes, even if they do tend to smear my mascara.

I love sleep. Do you love sleep? Did I mention we got to sleep?

Then dinner time rolled around and I had a complete stroke of genius! No really, I did! This picture says it all. I mean, it was even better than pink heart pancakes! Nothing Like home-made pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni. YES!

I just know I'll be getting a call from Martha Stewart anyday now begging to know how I come up with all my brillant ideas! And when she comes by for an autograph, I will pat her on the head as one does to a small child and say, "Tis, tis. Only the truly worthy shall know."

Or, not.

The day ended with one last Valentine surprise of bubbles and cookies. The bubbles are already gone. The kids thought if they put water in their little bubble containers they would have even MORE bubbles. When I told them it wouldn't work, they poured the rest out.

Of course.

It just doesn't get much better than this. Well, okay, maybe it would have been just a bit better if chocolate had been involved. You know what, it would have been a whole heap better if chocolate had been involved. But it wasn't. And yet, it was still a good day.

Maybe there is life beyond chocolate... nah!

What did you do for V-Day?

14 super cool people speak:

Patty Ann said...

Loved your post Serene. I think my day was a lot like yours. Breakfast, church, naps, movies only we had red berry homemade crepes for breakfast and cranberry roast for dinner (yumm). Alas, the chocolate gift giver took a vacation this year (again), I really am going to need to talk to him about that! :-)

Mrs. Clean Freak said...

yeah you are a awesome mommy! thats new pink pancakes! LOL! i do think it is a guy thing because ma hubby doesn't like smiling for the camera and he as the MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE! Your kidz looked like they really enjoyed getting involved with the cooking of the pancakes and pizza! for me it was church and then a nap later. Not as adventurous as yours but I really had enjoyed it.....grown up style! LOL....Be Blessed! *smile*

Amber said...

Haha!! You are so clever that I KNOW Martha Stewart is just looking up your phone number now!

For our Valentine's Day, we had friends over and I made Fettucine. Yum!!!

Heidi said...

I think your creativity is fantastic! I LOVE the pancakes. Better than the green eggs and ham they served on St. Patrick's day in the dorms. (Green may be my favorite color, but there's a line...)

I spent Valentine's Day celebrating Chinese New Year. And playing my first organ piece WITH PEDALS! Nothing creative on my part, but definitely full of happy times.

How did you get through the most chocolate-infested holiday WITHOUT chocolate?! Wow.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

THAT'S something Luke and I are going to discuss later.... =)

Kate and Cole said...

I saw your son take off down the hall in church! HAHAHa! I had to laugh...only because it wasn't my kid. It's funnier that way.

Brittney said...

WHAT A FUN POST! You are a totally creative and fun mom. Those lucky kids. I LOVED seeing the picture of you and Luke too. How cute! That lucky guy's got a beautiful, creative, talented, patient wife!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

CUTE! we frosted heart cookies yesterday! I am going to have to remember pink pancakes for next year.

the fowlers said...

This is why I can't wait to have kids! Holidays are definitely boring when you're trying to WOW a husband and a dog. They don't care.

We took a nap, too. More importantly, we ate the best cinnamon rolls of my life. My husband even loved the cream cheese frosting, which I wasn't sure he would enjoy (so I didn't tell him what it was until after he approved).

Holidays are all about the food/candy for me. Yum.

Mama Smith said...

Garvin SLEPT....Hyrum SLEPT...and I went out and did Visiting Teaching...and had an incredible experience with the sister we saw...

Oh..Sarah...those little buckets BROUGHT BACK so many WONDERFUL MEMORIES...I can HARDLY WAIT to get a house...and DECORATE...for the holidays ONCE AGAIN!!! (smile) One of my most FAVORITE THINGS to do...(smile)So far, I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, now...Valentine's Day...I think I am going through "withdrawals"...(smile)

Evelyn Perkins said...

My husband totally dropped the ball on chocolate this year so what did I do? I ate the chocolate I bought for him. Mwahahahahaha! Serves him right! We've been married for almost 7 years. He really ought to know better by now.

Heart-shaped pepperoni? LOVE IT!

Valerie said...

Looks like a fun day! I love sleep too, but never, ever get to take a nap. What a wonderful thing to get to do. And spending time with your family-perfect.

MindyannaJ said...

Unfortunately my other half believes Vday was created by Hallmark. He didn't complain when HE got a nice card and chocolates. :P Me? I gave myself a rose (leftover from work!) and ate some Utah Chocolate Truffles! You've gotta try them if you haven't yet! :)

Krista said...

Really....I spent V-Day stewing over the fact my kids didn't acknowledge my birthday the day before. I mean, they had til midnight. So no pink pancakes for them. I did give my hubby his favorite Dove Chocolates and I had leftover cheesecake coming out the ying yang from my Girl's Night. No naps though.

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