January 6, 2012

Final Winner Announced and Savannah's New Sign

Well my friends, I hope you enjoyed the giveaways we had throughout the month of December. I'm sure at some point in the future we'll do it again, but for now, I need to go clean out my inbox!!

Okay, so the winner of the mymemories.com software giveaway goes to:

Congrats Korine!

Also, for the rest of you, don't forget that you can still use the coupon for a $10 discount off the My Memories Suite V3. AND if you do decide to buy it with the discount code, you will receive another discount code in your confirmation email for $10 to spend in their kit store.
(use this code for the discount)

Savannah's New Sign

My oldest child is a writer. Sure she throws fits, cries and pouts like any other kid, but she also vents it all out on paper.

Once the neighbor kid did something that "hurt her feelings", so she wrote him a whole letter on what he did and why it hurt her feelings and that he needs to say sorry to her if they want to stay friends.

Then she gave it to him.

He couldn't read yet.

But it still made her feel better.

She always writing love notes to Hubby and I, saying that we are the best parents she's ever had and that she'll never forget us.

Now I don't know about you guys but, whew! I was getting a little worried there that she would forget who her parents are.

And as you know she's always writing her testimony to read in church, and coming up with signs for her door.

Well the other day, a new one appeared that I had not seen before. I'm not even sure what set her off. It was while my sister and her hubby and son had stayed the night with us.

Well goodness sakes. I wouldn't dream of intruding on her privetsee.

I already know what I'm going to get her for a wedding present.

A mailbox.

And peep hole. 

Yup. She can set it up the mailbox right outside her bedroom door so whenever she and her husband get in a tiff, she can write out a letter on what he did and why it hurt her feelings and that he needs to say sorry to her if they want to stay friends, and put in in the mailbox for her husband to collect.

Then he can write profound apology letters and love notes in return and she can use the peephole on her bedroom door to check and see if the red flag is up so she knows to collect her mail from him.

Sometimes I'm amazed at my own genius.

7 super cool people speak:

mCat said...

Pretty sure I love her! I used to put notes on my door too. Not that it ever did any good, but it made me feel better

Sarah said...

I laughed out loud! That's Hilarious!
Ms. Privetsee :)

Amy said...

LOL!!! Those signs she makes crack me up. I hope you're keeping all this stuff so you can embarrass the snot out of her when she's older.

Mama Smith said...

I absolutely LOVE the Mailbox idea! Now, they have such cute COVERS for them...We could all add a cute cover or two...to add to her "wedding gifts"...(smile) THANKS...would have been wondering what to get her when she does get married! (smile)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I need one of those!

Sarah said...

Okay, I read it again and laughed out loud ALL OVER AGAIN! I can't seem to stop either. Awesome!

I love you AWESOME Mom!

Brenick said...

LMAO!!! her signs crack me up!! i love your wedding gift idea too.. i think you really need to follow through on that.

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