January 9, 2012

Our New Family Addition

Okay, admit it.

When you read the title you thought I was announcing that we were pregnant again, didn't you! Come on now.... fess up! I know you did.

But no, that is SO not what our new family addition is.

As you know (if you've been reading us long enough) we are super money conscious, especially my husband. Every penny is accounted for at all times. We've always had a budget, we've never had a credit card, and we avoid debt like the plague.

If we can't pay for something in full on the spot, then we don't get it until we can. (except the house of course)

Now, Hubby and I had been married about.... oh, a little over a year, when a good family friend gave us a gift.

We were incredibly excited to have a television and thought it was greatest gift ever.

Believe it or not, we already had a dvd player. Apparently Hubby got it for free as a promotional incentive when we bought my engagement ring.

Deep down, I think that's the REAL reason he got it when he did.  (kidding!)

For years this little guy served us well.... until our dvd player bit the dust.

By then we had three or four kids, and since we don't pay for cable or anything, our children only ever watch movies.

So when the dvd player died, we started using Hubby's ancient of days laptop computer, until that bit the dust.

Then we started using a little travel dvd player that we got as a gift at one of Hubby's work parties, and just hooked it up to the tv. Until the kids broke the connection cable.

So for a long time, we were simply doing this.

It worked well enough until the kids ruined that as well.

By then we were borrowing another laptop from Hubby's work and started using that laptop to watch movies on.

And all that time, Hubby had been saving, and saving, and saving... waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Finally, FINALLY, over black Friday, he got a screaming good deal on his new baby. It was back ordered so we didn't receive it until this past week.

Introducing...... uh... well actually, we haven't decided on a name yet.

It has been temporarily set up like that until Hubby can find a wall mount he likes. Then it will moved to its final resting spot above the fireplace on the other side of the family room.

Since Hubby also got a blue-ray player (screaming deal over Black Friday as well) for the first time ever, I saw a movie in blue-ray. I could never understand what the big deal was until I finally saw it for myself.

Wowza, I get it now.

So there you have it! Our new baby.

Hubby's first words after he set it up were, "It's not big enough!"  Haha! Boys and their toys, what can ya do.

But if he ever says that after I push a real baby out, he'll regret it... forever.

Just sayin'.  (lovingly of course)

13 super cool people speak:

mCat said...

That! is a realy beauty. I can't imagine raising kids without TV, I mean, really - you are the mom of the year!

And movies in blue-ray? Seriously the bomb

Amy said...

NICE!!! How exciting! Bret wants a bigger TV too... and ours is enormous.
We're like you guys. If we can't pay for it in full, we don't buy it. Except for school.
Right on, baby. Right on.

hjsmith said...

Awesome, So happy for you and your new addition. Yes I will admit I thought you were announcing some other baby news(: what can I say it runs in the family(: hehehe.
Gotta love Black Friday. Josh went out...yes you read that right, and he got most of the Christmas gifts, atleast the big ones for a steal(: really. The only way it was gonna happen. Enjoy the new "toy" I am working on our blog again here and there if you get a chance to take a peek. I will check back again soon as usual. I love your blog(:

Sue said...

We used our old console TV for 25 years until it died about two years ago. I always wondered what the big deal was about those "other" TVs, too.

Until I got one. I think it took about a day for us to get spoiled.

Enjoy it! I like your style on waiting till you can afford things. It allows you to appreciate them all the more. (We don't like debt either.)


Heather S said...

honestly.. i thought you got a puppy! :)
yeah on black friday goodies!!!

Sara Lyn said...

Yes, boys and their toys. Morgan is always talking about his dream computer. We'll see when that one comes to pass... :) In the meantime, enjoy your new family member. :)

By the way, I know what you mean about blue-ray. I always thought HD made no difference until the first time I saw a movie clip on a large screen with HD. "OOOhhhh," I thought. :)

Kira said...

Sweet. Amen to it all.

Mama Smith said...

I loved the last line or two...! I can imagine it all! Well, when we come to VISIT...I expect to test run not only your new "addition" but in BLUE-RAY...I think I saw something once at Bekah's...but, be sure to have something special waiting for us...whenever that time comes! I bet the KIDS ARE THRILLED...going from that little screen to nearly a full WALL SIZE...(well, it must seem like it!) (smile)

ldsjaneite said...

The trouble with moving ~once a year is that all I think when I see that: what a hassle to move!! It's why I bought a violin instead of a piano for Christmas. :-)

Larsen said...

So excited for you guys! Congrats!

ALSO...let me know about a date night!

Carrie said...

YAY for you! That is so exciting...and I have no idea how you have lasted so long without one. You are such a good mother...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Lucky Ducks! (also cute ducks!)

Garvin Smith said...

Ya know why he got a 55 inch? 'Cause ours is only a 50 inch!

This means I need that 70 inch I've been eying at Cosco.

Because ours' isn't Blu-Ray.

Just sayin'.

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