January 4, 2012

The Art of Kissing a Boo Boo

For the most part, when one of kids gets hurt, they turn into little puddles of tears and won't let anyone near the offending spot.

"Do you want me to kiss it better?"

"NO! Don't touch it!"

All except Alayna. She cannot function or be appeased unless every bump, bruise, scratch, pinch, nick, ding, and boo boo gets kissed all better.

But it has to be the precise spot before she is satisfied.

This is a true story.

"Owwee owwee owweeeee!" Alayna comes running over holding her finger out in front of her. "Mommy mommy! I hurt my fingewr! Diss it beddewr! Diss it diss it!"

Squatting down I gently take her finger and plant a little kiss on it.

"No mommy! Not derwe... derwe!" she says pointing about a half centimeter over. I oblige and kiss her finger in the indicated spot.

"No mommy! White... derwe!" she exclaims pointing at what to me looks like same spot. Apparently its not.

Still obliging, I give her another kiss.

But now she's just getting mad at me.

Exasperated she rolls her eyes and frustratedly points at the same exact spot I just kissed.

"White derwe!" She practically yells at me.

A bit exasperated myself, I finally just take her finger and kiss the whole thing from top to bottom and all the way around.

"Is that better?" I ask.
Burrowing down into my lap, she pulls a pouty face and quietly confirms,"Yea."

Well heavens, who knew this process could be so complicated!

3 super cool people speak:

Melissa said...

That little girl oozes of cuteness!

Sue said...



Mama Smith said...

I LOVE ALAYNA! She is definitely an "added" spice...to the family...! (smile) One day...she will LOVE the pictures and stories of her growing years...Bedtimes stories for HER children one day...(smile)

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