January 26, 2012

What doesn't kill you only makes you crazy-er.

She was my only all-natural birthed baby.  *cringe*

She taught me strength when she had cranial reconstructive surgery. 

She forced me to learn patience due to her natural mess making abilities.  *shudder*

Sometimes I'm amazed I've survived her at all.

And yet, here we are!

Which is proof that whatever doesn't kill you only makes you crazy-er.

And now she has turned three years old! For some reason, it's really weirding me out. Like I'm getting all old or something. Not really, but kinda.

Does that make sense?


Oh. Well please refer to the statement five lines up for clarification.

Thank you.

I know I know. She's ridiculously adorable. Just don't stick your finger in too close, she'll probably bite it off.

Now, originally I had big, big plans for making a rather grand cake. Pinterest had inspired me to do something super fancy.... for a little while.

But then reality set back in and so did my dis-inclination to go all wild and crazy on a cake that Alayna would never remember, and that I was sure to mess up.

I know myself well enough to admit that.

But who cares right? As long as you get to lick the beaters!! Yea-yah!

That's my girl. Get every drop!

Oh... but she did share with the others, a little.

That makes her a better person than me.

The only reason my kitchen looks this clean is because I knew I'd be taking pictures while I made the cake.

And I didn't want you guys to get stuck in the jelly or the juice that was everywhere.

I'm mindful of you like that.

Oh wow. So much cuteness! I ought to be ashamed of myself for hogging it all.

But I'm totally not.

And now you know what some of the kit-kat wrappers were really from as shown in yesterday's post.

Wa-la! Certainly not the super-duper facy cake I had origionally thought I'd do... fleetingly. But at least Alayna loved it!

I mean, come on. Who wouldn't love a cake covered in chocolate candy?

Alayna got a phone call from Granny just after we finished decorating the cake. You get brownie points for understanding anything she says. You might also have a future career in interpreting.

 I'm pretty sure my mom was simply "uh huh"ing the whole time with no clue as to what the heck she was saying.

Dinner was a quick event, faster than I think I've ever seen before, as the kid's only thought was for dessert.

Ahhhh yea baby! Bring on the candles and the song!

Aaaaaannnnddddd..... the camera card ran out of space right at the worst moment possible. Blast it all.

And now, for my true crowning motherhood moment. And yes, I am going to boast and show off and act like a snob.

For the first time EVER in my parenting history, I did NOT use Christmas wrapping paper or plastic sacks to wrap the birthday child's gifts in.

I mean, I used REAL non-Christmas wrapping paper!!


Go ahead. Just call me an over-achiever.

I can handle it.

20 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

That cake looks awesome. So tasty! And I'm so proud of you for using flower and heart wrapping paper. You really are amazing. :)

Amy said...

Too cute. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself. :)

Not only was it non-christmas paper, but it was very super cute wrapping paper! You should get a trophy.

Mama Smith said...

Oh...to think...you captured Alayna and I in "time"...I understood every WORD...I had LOTS of "practice" before SHE ever came along...YOU taught me well...some years ago! (smile)

Melissa said...

That cake is so awesome! And your kids....oh your kids......SOOOO cute!

Sarah said...

That cake looks so good I'm inspired to try something like it myself...which is saying a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

And you still had time and energy to blog after ALL of that?!?!? YOU are AMAZING!!!

Super CUTE cake!!! I will have to buy some M&Ms and stash them away to make an awesome cake like that in October for a "shock-co-late" loving girly girl!!!

Of course...the kiddos are major cuteness!!!

:D Maria

Saimi said...

This post is just ooozing with cuteness I don't know where to begin.

She is so dang adorable but then so is the cha, cha, cha!

Happy Birthday to your darling little three year old!

That cake is AMAZING!! Love the Kit Kat idea!

Sue said...

She is even cuter than her cake, which is saying a lot!

Happy birthday to her!!


Shaylee B said...

Adorable! Oh my stars, Serene! You are just full of cuteness-making skills! ;)

"Grandma say 'happy birthday' . . . to me. Yeah, I say "happy birthday" to everyone then play . . . with the balloons. So I cannot have let you. So. Yeah. You talk now." :D She's actually pretty understandable. Girls usually are, haha. :)

LOVE the cake!! And the non-Christmas wrapping paper. You are are such an awesome mom. :) :)


ElizaO said...

Super cute idea for the cake, I may have to steal it for the next party around here! Bonus points for the wrapping paper and the smiles on everyone's faces!

Garden of Egan said...

She is a darling little one!
Happy Birthday.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Awww.... thanks everyone!!! I'm so glad my wrapping paper made such a good impression!

ldsjaneite said...

Woohoo! I understood about 90%. Thank goodness I work with young kids, because I was really wanting those brownie points!

I am insanely jealous of your adorable kids. Thanks for "sharing" them with us.

Lara said...

Okay. That cake rocks. Maybe I'll have to make it for Valentine's Day!

(Except I really would eat all the kit kats first, probably...)

Lalani said...

She is more than adorable. SO cute. I would love to have that little smile around all day. The cake looks fabulous!

Charlotte said...

I made the same cake for my daughter's birthday and it was a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

I just read your natural birth post and it was perfect timing. I'm debating doing it with my 3rd, due soon. The ONLY reason I'm considering it is with the hope my recovery will be easier this time. Do you think there was a difference in your recovery between your epidural and natural labor?

Love the cake too!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Anonymous: Okay, so I have to say that I don't think I've ever talked to a woman who has done both natural birth and had an epidural who hasn't said that their recovery time was SO much better after going natural.

That being said, I honestly didn't notice any difference, other than I didn't have that dull back ache due to the epidural. But I could walk around or do whatever and no problems either way. (except for when I had my fifth and I wanted to strangle the anethesgiologist, plus I had anemia pretty bad so I don't count that experience *shudder*) But that's just me and everyone is different.

So I say just go for what you feel you should/can/want to do. Perhaps going natural will make a world of difference for you.

For me there was great sense of accomplishment after going natural and it was nice not to be a little bloated from the IVs, but I had none of that "oh it's such a great and bonding experience with your baby to go natural". HA! All I remember was pain. Lots of it. :D

Mama Smith said...

Anonymous: Not that I am an expert in this area...BUT...I do have some experience...I had "5" children NATURAL; "2" children with the big needle in my back; and "1" "C" section (my last child) Of the "5" naturals...the "5th" one in the truck...I recovered so amazingly BETTER! Even my husband noticed how much better I looked, etc. (this was child #7) So, if this is of any help...I will say...that the reason #7 (in the truck) was such a piece of cake...it was because I was on my KNEES...and the "law of gravity" made my experience...with NO PAIN! Honestly! Was AWESOME! The only real discomfort...was the "water" trying to break! (smile)

marlece said...

first time over here, love these pictures of you and baby in hospital. Way to go 'el naturele', you look beautiful even after all that hard work.

Sweet girl you got there!

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