January 11, 2012

Just An Evening at Home

After Hubby got home from work a little after 6pm, we soon sat down for dinner. As we ate, I asked Savannah how her day at school went, and she immediately started off by telling me that she beat Dawson (a boy her teacher has dubbed to her her arch nemesis) at the 100 timed math facts race and that she got them all right.

She and Dawson have been going at it since kindergarten as they always end up in the same class together.

Joseph talked about the games that he played on the computer at school. Actually, that's all he ever talks about.

He's obsessed. Just sayin'.

The conversation continued for a minute or two before Jacob pipes up, "Ya but when you throw a blue ball at the building and it hits a person in the bum, then they will turn into a gorilla!"

*moment or two of confused silence*

Only Jacob.... only Jacob.

After dinner, I started the dishes and oddly, my mind wandered to the calm (for once) actions of the kids around me.

The boys sat at the table doing puzzles with daddy.

There is definitely something different in the atmosphere when daddy is home, playing and involved. I love it!

Claira was hanging out near by... until she decided she was done being confined and insisted she be let loose to do whatever she pleases.

And of course I obliged. Yes your majesty, of course your majesty, whatever you say your majesty.

Alayna was surprisingly calm as she sat at the counter coloring away. She's definitely in a phase right now. I think we single-handedly keep tree farms in business.

Savannah sat in the living room, finishing up her reading for school.

Do you think it's born into girls to cross their legs like that? Because I laugh every time I see her do it.

Nothing exciting was happening, nothing out of the ordinary or different. But for whatever reason, it all just felt so... content. Fulfilling.

Even if I hadn't done my hair and the only make-up I had on was mascara, and I went to the store like that.

I'm only a tiny bit ashamed.

Later, I was jotting down Jacob's words when I had a brief lapse in memory. So I was thinking out loud more than anything when I said, "Jacob? What were we talking about at dinner?"

He then tips his head to the side and looks up like he's thinking, then responds. "Uh.... you said 'I', then I said 'B'! Ya, that's right!"

..................................Okay then.

Never a dull moment.

Not even when the kids started growling and yelling at each other before it escalated into hitting and punching while they got ready for bed.


6 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

Sounds like a nice evening. And that's an adorable picture of you and Claira.

Larsen said...

Sounds like a perfectly normal answer mom.... you said I and then I say B.

See you soon I hope!

mCat said...

Love the quiet evenings. And I'm pretty sure that Savannah will grow up and marry Dawson. Wouldn't that be awesonme?

Sue said...

I remember those lulls in the storm of parenting very well. And they were lovely, indeed!


Sarah said...

Yay for contentment! That's BEAUTIFUL even when it does last 10 minutes. :)

And look at that cute Claira! All these beautiful babies, so beautiful!

I LOVE you!

Mama Smith said...

These moments...are to be TREASURED for sure...! LOVED the pictures of you and of Clara! Love the fact you capture moments in pictures! Sure wish "digital" was invented when all of you were growing up! I still have film NOT DEVELOPED...wonder if I could even get them done...now...My...I love the new technology of TODAY! Keeps GRANNIES CONTENT...to see what is happening so much easier! (smile)

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