October 31, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Day 2 - Part 1

The Wedding.

As most girls would, my sisters and I got up early Friday morning to ensure plenty of primping time.
By the time we were done, I'm sure our rooms would have exploded if a match had been light, there was so much aerosol hairspray in the air.

Perhaps the real reason Hubby hates when I use hairspray is that he dislikes his nose hairs sticking together.

Anyhow, we loaded up into the car and drove down to the temple.

And I have to say, the Washington D.C. temple is one of my favorites. It's just such a beautiful building.

Despite all our primping, we were there plenty early and got to see the soon to be married couple.

Not that they seemed excited or anything. Calm, cool, collected... bored really.

I tried really, really hard to think of something clever to say about these next pictures, but I just... couldn't.

You'll just have to use your imagination. I'm still not sure how dad ended up with the flowers....

Anyhow, it was actually quite chilly so I laid claim on Hubby's suit coat.

I was willing to share... for a fee.  I'm generous by nature you know.

Should I be worried about Hubby? I mean, what is he doing in that picture? Passing on gangster signs? *gasp* Maybe he uses my blog to pass along secret messages!!

That explains a lot actually.....

I think my little brother should take this picture with him on his mission. Then he could boast about "all the girls" he left back home.

I was quite surprised as I rummaged through the oodles of wedding photos just how many had been taken of our shoes.

Apparently, glittery heels call for attention.

Before I show the next few photos, can I just say how extraordinary it was that for once, none of us sisters are pregnant!?

Meet my peeps.

Youngest to Oldest : Angel, Rebekah, Me, Jennifer

 Isn't my mother beautiful?

And for the first time in over six years, my entire family was all together. Seriously, It. Was. Awesome.

The eight children.

Youngest to Oldest: Hyrum, Angel, Abraham, Rebekah, Me, Jennifer, Caleb, Josh

I'm not sure why I was given the coolest family in existence, but I was. These bring back so many memories.

The biggest treat was to see my oldest brother and his whole family. They are the ones we see the least of.

Should I mention that they also announced baby number seven is on its way?

The wedding (sealing) ceremony in the temple was wonderful, sacred, special. Especially for my parents, who are converts to the church. Their goal was to someday be in the temple with ALL of their children. And that weekend, it came to pass.

When it was over, we all waited outside for the bride and groom to change and come out.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

FINALLY, eons later, the happy couple emerged. (seriously, I was beginning to wonder if they had changed their minds or something)

And all the crazy picture taking commenced.

Our family remained supportive and professional at all times.

And I just have to randomly throw in these pictures of my little niece Lilly. She was too much fun.

Caleb and Rose are practicing. I think it looks pretty good on them, don't you?

It was all out war. Kids vs Cameras.

And so it is that my best childhood bud is off and married now.

So I had to give him one last evil eye.

For old times sake.

It was a fabulous morning.

It hardly seems possibly that I've been married to this handsome guy for eight and a half years. Time does fly.

And now, I know most of you are wishing and hoping beyond all hope that I'll be done with this ridiculously long post.

But I'm not.

I indulged my inner snark.

So bear with me as I show off some of my favorite candid moments.

And last but not least, my absolute FAVORITE photo from the whole lot.

My nephews Michael and Adam.

What catch phrase would you give this picture? I just couldn't think of one good enough.


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18 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I love her dress. So unique!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow, so much to laugh about in this post! I love the DC Temple...going there this Saturday actually...we shoulda planned this better! :) Way cute couple...you guys AND the bride and groom!

Sue said...

I'm gonna flick you like a bug."

(The look on his face is classic.)

What a cute family you have. And cute captions, too.


Lisalulu said...

ok I NEVER post a comment, but today I have to... AWSOME (and I never EVER use that word!!!! it means awe inspiring! and something inspiring!) love love love this post!

Sarah said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So FUN! So Beautiful! What an Awesome family!
Love you Serene.
And I love the candid moments:)!

hjsmith said...

Sarah I love your Blog so much. I laugh really hard but always know it is cause I can soooo relate to it all...ok most of it(:
I cant wait to see the rest of the pics
Oh by the way the last pic is of Adam and Michael(: hehehe I know twins right it was a 50/50 shot(:
Keep them coming(:
Miss you already(:

Rebekah said...

well! now I know what really goes on in your head! hahaha

Mama Smith said...

All I could do is LAUGH all the way through it! SUPER POST, darling girl!

Brenda said...

I have never posted either, but you have me on the floor laughing!!!!! LOVE IT!!! Honestly! Loved it!!!!

cncpitt said...

Sarah...we love you and all of your family!! And we miss being with you all. So great to see your entire family together. And to have all been in the temple together....amazing...a wonderful blessing. Your parents deserve all those blessings! I was thinking of you all that weekend. We are so excited for Caleb and Rose. Looks like he found a wonderful girl. Take care, Cindy.

Garvin Smith said...

LOL - tears - LOL!

ldsjaneite said...

That was great. And the last picture is fabulous! Can't wait to see the rest!

Larsen said...

ohh. my. heck.

you're so funny.


Kira said...

I wish I could leave a comment under each and every lovely moment. I am almost crying with laughter. Thanks for a good night.

Cherie said...

HOW VERY AWESOME to be with your entire family!! So Sweet indeed!!
I love all the pictures of you with your sisters and your mom (who is definately beautiful!) and the picture of you with all of your siblings - GREAT!!
You are truly truly blessed with a wonderful family!!

Vanessa said...

"I am not touching you!!!" first thing it came to mind as I saw the last picture. Congrats you all are a beautiful family.

Mindy Kleman said...

So good to see your whole family again... All grown up :) Such beautiful and handsome peeps you have!

Mindy Kleman said...

So good to see your whole family again... All grown up :) Such beautiful and handsome peeps you have!

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