October 17, 2011

A Normal Family

As much as I despise the cold and snow, the long dreary winters, and the sad lack of trees, I confess, I love living here.

For one reason.

Our home is situated nicely between those of my siblings who live in Utah, and my parents who live in Montana. So my house often becomes the meeting place, the middle ground so to speak for some of the family gatherings.

Now, we are a simple, normal little family, filled with normal people.

Like my sister and her husband.

There are a match made in heaven... or somewhere anyway.

My family members are of a calm collected sort, not given in the ways of the dramatic.

Thanks to the guidance and example of my parents, we always remain calm while playing Angry Birds.


Jokes told at the table are always... err, brilliant *cough*, kids never try to shove toys down the pants of another, and strangely, men are seen in the kitchen and appear to be... cooking! *gasp*

Yes, family time is always so relaxing, with no screaming babies or fights over who gets the only swing.

It couldn't be more grand.

This particular family occasion was for my youngest sibling, the baby of the eight of us, Hyrum. He's turning nineteen years old at the end of the year. After that, he'll be heading out on his church mission.

Isn't he the handsome one.

He's been called for those two years, to the Richmond, Virginia mission. We're all very excited for him.

He was able to go through the temple for the first time. I was so sad I couldn't attend due to a prior engagement.

But being the kind, loving, sweet, thoughtful, close siblings that we are, we let each other know how much we love and care about one another.

'Cause that's what siblings are for.

And being a humble soul myself, not given to boasting, assumptions, or wild conjecture, I just know that he'll miss me the most, since I'm sure I'm his favorite sibling.

Just like I'm my parent's favorite child.

Clearly, I'm very proud of my extreme humility.

13 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

You are indeed a self-effacing woman.


PS. Hope he has a wonderful mission in Virginia. I'm sure he will!

Saimi said...

Yep, that's one NORMAL family you have there as well as a cute little brother, OK so he's not so little but he is cute!

Sarah said...

I love how in the black and white picture with family everywhere, your dad looks like he's sleeping. Skills. Mad skills in this family of yours:)
Love you!

Sarah said...

Also, these pictures remind me how "normal" my family is too:)

ldsjaneite said...

I love that b&w picture with Alayna in color. It's awesome--in its technique and for the portrayal of the family.

Virginia is awesome. See you there in a few days!

Stef said...

Love it!
Congrats to him. And I bet he will miss you most. Surely.

Amy said...

Having RM brothers is seriously the best. I kinda wonder what happened to them.

Cherie said...

You look like you have a super fun family!!
That face that your sister makes is a crack up!
This totally explains alot more about you - LOL!

Mama Smith said...

Memories...love gathering all these incredible memories...Just think...we will be having a MAJOR one THIS WEEK! Can you believe it? ALL OF US...will be TOGETHER!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Looks to me like you are about as normal as they come!

Larsen said...


Lisa S said...

I love reading about your normal family....btw my 21 year old daughter is waiting for her call, any day now...should be here tomorrow 10/20. good luck to your brother.

Hyrum said...

Oh yes. Sarah you will DEFINITELY...*COUGH* be the sister I miss the most *COUGH* *GAG*...You are the BEST *GASP* sister in the whole wide world. ;)

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