October 19, 2011

Big Brother

My older brother, Caleb.

He was my best friend growing up.

I thought he was just about the coolest guy I knew.


I use to drag my blankets into his room and sleep on his floor.

We spent hours upon hours swimming, biking, and fighting imaginary bad guys.

I wanted to do everything he did.


 Now, he's getting married. *gasp*

We're all very excited for him, and she's a great girl.

I'll have to warn her. He may be thin, but he eats like a horse and never gains a pound.

Life is SO unfair.

So Hubby and I are flying to D.C. tomorrow for a WHOLE WEEK! WITHOUT KIDS! 

*sqeeeeee....ooohhh....sniffle* I actually miss them already.

Still, please pray for my mother-in-law's survival during this time. She's a brave woman.

And now I must get back to work. I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything ready.

Seriously, I saw feathers flying.

Anyway, I'll do my best to keep you all appraised on our trip!!

Now let's see.

Essentials To Pack: Underwear... toothbrush... chocolate stash A... chocolate stash B....

7 super cool people speak:

Cherie said...

Congratulations to you brother!

Have a great time in D.C. - should be nice this time of year!

Sue said...

Have a wonderful time. A family wedding is such a joyful and exciting event, and be sure to enjoy the time away from the kids, because how many times can you just concentrate on yourself and the hubby?


Kristen said...

Hahaha! Thank you for always making me laugh (chocolate stash A and B-- so funny). I find my girls on the floor of their older brother's room at least two mornings per week.

Patty Ann said...

Oh, have a wonderful time. I totally love the DC Temple. It is totally amazing. One of the best places to go and visit. Enjoy your week. You deserve it.

gigi said...

You have a very AWESOME mother in law!! Lucky you.
Enjoy your trip and time with your Sweetheart!

Amy said...

A whole week? Oh how fun! Just don't let another baby become your little "souvenier." Unless of course you want it that way. *wink*

My husband is just like your brother. Eats a bazillion calories and still looks like a freaking flat-stomach stud. Hate it. But i like it too. :)

Larsen said...

I'm gonna miss you!

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