October 7, 2011

Fluffy white torture

You know, I've always considered myself to be a fairly decent human being, a nice girl even.

I mean, I don't honk at awfully horrible drivers. I merely wish chaos and destruction upon them. And their children. And their children's children.

I've never had the courage to swear out loud. Except once. Quietly, under my breath. It felt so good I had to go repent right then and there.

Even as a kid, I only snuck into my dad's drawer to steal chocolate, not money.

I change my underwear everyday.

Could you ask for a more decent thing from a human being?

So I'm trying to figure what great and horrible wrong I've committed to deserve this.

Do you see? Do you see all that icky, cold, white, evil, torture out there?  My poor, poor garden! Our tomatoes were finally ripening!

And what is all this nonsense about snow in the beginning of October!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Not that the kids minded one, stinkin' bit.


You'd think it was Christmas morning already the way the dug out all their winter gear from the depths of the toy buried basement.

Pink snow boots and all.

I can't... I mean... I just... grrrrrrr.

What am I suppose to tell my flip flops? They'll be devastated! Crushed really.

And since it's suppose to be near freezing the rest of the week, Hubby had gone out to save as many tomatoes as possible.

Alayna helped too.

Oh, wipe that ridiculously adorable smile off your face young lady! This is SOOO not cool.

It's depressing is what it is.

I can only hope our pumpkins will hold out.  The kids can't wait to be able to pull them out for jack-o-lanterns.


I'm going to sit here in my fluffy pink slippers, sipping my hot chocolate until I can figure out what I've done to warrant such torture.

You know, there was this one time...

15 super cool people speak:

the fowlers said...

at least you have hot chocolate? :(

Amanda said...

This seals it: I'm moving to Utah.

Sarah said...

"This one time....." :)

That is SO stinkin' sad! I'm up for cooler weather, sure. But snow!? No man, you can hold back for a little while longer.
Your poor piggy toes too:) I still see you in the flip flops:)
Love you:)

Cherie said...

It is crazy!! My daughter lives near you and posted the snow on her blog too! It's just a tad too early. Those poor pumpkins in the snow - Wahhhhhh!!

Enjoy your hot chocolate!

Mama Smith said...

NO SNOW on these grounds IN MONTANA!!!! (shhh...well not yet, anyway...) All I can say is...it better be gone when we head down your way NEXT WEEK! I am NOT ready to see "white"! (on the ground...that is...) (smile)

Amy said...

Oh bother.

I'm sorry. We've been doing the happy dance in below 80 degree weather the last few days. It's like it's not even real.
And hot chocolate sounds soooo good right now.
That can happen when you see the last of 100 degrees for a few months.

Saimi said...

That's wrong, just plain wrong but nothing that a good cup of hot chocolate cant handle.

Ben, Heather and kids said...

eww. we've been enjoying abnormal weather in WI. 70-80 and sunshine. that 'S' word will make it's appearance all too soon here.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ha, I thought this post was going to be about popcorn! It snowed on my birthday (Oct 15th) two years ago!

Sue said...

Funny post, but I am seriously sad about all those tomatoes. Looks like you were gonna have a bumper crop!


Rubber Duck said...

I KNOW!!!!! this fluffy white torture appeared in utah county yesterday!!! I looked outside and wanted to scream.."NO! NOT NOW!"
curses wacky weather....

Amber said...

Well you could always move to the Midwest! We are enjoying our lovely Indian summer. 80 degrees, gorgeous colors, it makes me snicker when i think of my western friends having snow ball fights right about now. Because THAT'S the kind of friend I am.

Charlotte said...

I feel for you. ouch!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I've been MIA for awhile but Ohhhhhhhhhh, I looooooove catching up on your blog!!! You have the greatest posts and this one...sniff! I would be crying too! What a beautiful garden! That's how mine turned this week, minus snow but frost instead and all my beautiful peppers---dead. :( wah.

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, it was a bad day wasn't it?
I still have things in my garden that didn't freeze!
I feel some salsa coming on this week. Not sure if I've ever canned it while sipping hot chocolate.

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