October 28, 2011

Oh, the Stupidity of Me

The strange thing about going on a trip, is that when you get back it often feels like you never left. Life quickly swings back into its normal rhythm as though nothing had happened in the first place to disrupt it.

Thursday morning, after waking up in my own bed, felt just like any other morning. And after the kids were off to school, I bid farewell to my mother-in-law. And I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of her bright red superwoman cape that she must keep hidden beneath her coat as she left.

I was feeling very excited because a $60 check had arrived while we were gone. A check I had been waiting for for weeks. Literally.

It was for some artwork I had done and I already had plans for it.

So after going to the bank, I ran a couple other errands before going home.

After coming in the house, changing a couple stinky diapers and feeding the kids lunch, I discovered that I couldn't find the money anywhere. And I was getting quite nervous, especially since for the life of me, I couldn't remember what I had done with it.

Soon nervousness turned into panic, and panic turned into frantic-ness... frantic-fulness... frantic-antics? Oh, you know what I'm trying to say.  But still I couldn't find it anywhere.

Finally feeling quite desperate, I loaded the kids back up into the car to head back to the stores where I had run my errands. I knew the likelihood was slim that someone would actually return $60 in cash but I was hoping... desperately hoping.

About halfway to the store, Jacob kept saying that he was feeling sick. So I would roll down his window for a little while until it was just too cold in the car, then I'd roll it back up again. But at one point he frantically yelled, "Mom! Roll down my window I'm going to frow up!!"

Yes, frow up is exactly what he said.

Not really believing him, I rolled my eyes then rolled down his window. The gaging noise caught my attention as well as the reactions of the two men driving in the truck behind me who had suddenly backed WAAAYYYY off my bumper.

Sure enough, Jacob had his head out the window, losing his lunch.

I was suddenly very glad he was in the booster seat by the window instead of the car seat in the back.

Quickly pulling over, I walked around to the other side of the car, not really expecting there'd be much damage.

What a fool I can be.

Lo and behold, the entire back half of my vehicle was covered in orange bits and hot dog chunks. Believe me, it was not a pretty sight.

As I did my best to wipe up all the nastiness with some napkins, I couldn't help but think that here I was, first day home from a wonderful week long break, and already I'm trying to hunt down $60 in lost cash while wiping throw up off the side of my car.


After inquiring in vain if anyone had found and turned in some money, I dejectedly made my way home. I was doing my best to try and convince myself that someday, twenty years down the road, I'll have gotten over this terribly devastating loss.

I came in the house, searching without success for some comfort chocolate, when I went to throw something away.

For some reason, (of course I'd been praying like crazy so I guess saying "for some reason" is quite inappropriate) I paused and looked into the garbage. A bank receipt caught my eye and I pulled out the garbage can.

There, sitting in an envelope, rested my $60.

I had been feeling sick to my stomach before for having lost the money. Now I just wanted to bang my head against the wall.

I mean, really? I actually threw it away? I just... I mean.... wow. I better not go on another vacation for a long time. It relaxes my brain cells WAY too much.

So yes, feel free to laugh at me.

All you want.

.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Okay you can stop now.

No really, stop.

Well, I will be spending the weekend getting vacation posts ready to share! And there will be a lot.

So bring lots of snacks.

Chocolate is always best when reading my posts.

Well, unless I'm telling stories about my son throwing up out the car window.

Ya... sorry 'bout that.

7 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

What a first-day-back saga THAT was!



Jocelyn Christensen said...

That was so nasty! Only you would have such luck...oh, I think I just jinxed myself! :) Welcome back to paradise! :)

Sarah said...

You poor thing Serene! That sounds AWFUL!
I'm glad you found your money sooner than, well, never:)
And your mother-in-law is hero!
Outside of that, WELCOME HOME :)

Mama Smith said...

WELCOME HOME, darling daughter! I was just thinking about you...and how your "adjustment" would be...THANKS, for answering my questions...(smile) It was SO VERY FUN...being with you and all the rest...It went by WAY TOO FAST! But, memories...FOREVER! I am still SMILING! (smile)

The Bagley Family said...

One day I decided to work my staff extra hard, the week before Xmas...cause I am a sadistic boss...I had my deposti for well over $1200...my paycheck, and their paychecks, before Xmas...and I LOST it...I tore my shop apart, cried for an hour, ripped open every drawer, cupboard and pulled the contents out...and my darling husband shows up, ask if we got robbed...and confess and he gives me this funny look...cause I asked him to deposit it in the bank and hour earlier (hence why he was not there to witness me losing my head).
P.S. Staff was not impressed with the mess in the morning but I bought lunch to make up for my stupidity:)

Brittney said...

I hate it when I lose money -even $1 is sad! Now I want to know your $60 plans!

By the way I was thinking the other day... are your kids going to read your blog one day when they're grown up and think it's amazing how much you talked about (and must have eaten) chocolate? Or do they know about your chocolate fetish?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Brittany - I can't divulge all my plans since some of it is for Luke's christmas present. And he reads this.

But I had my eye on some gorgeous Christams decorations I came across. As well as needing some money for hair bow supplies.

And yes, if you were to ask any of my kids what my favorite food/treat is, they would all reply... chocolate!!

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