October 30, 2011

My East Coast Adventure - Day 1

Note: The pictures in these posts come from three different, very cheap cameras. Mine, my mother's, and my sister's. Like... "we got ours at Walmart" kind of cheap. They have also been taken by multiple family members and will all be meshed together and used in several of the posts to come.
Just so you know. 

In case you care.

........ Which you don't. Well okay then, where to start.

I can't help but feeling like I ought to start off by saying, "Once Upon a Time..." or something grand and exciting.

........ Anyway.

Thursday morning, Hubby and I had a direct flight from Salt Lake City into Baltimore. It was a little longer than a four hour flight, and I have nothing exciting to say about it.

Seriously, that's the problem with traveling without kids. No good stories to tell.

Except that there was this guy sitting behind us, who had one of those voices that just carries, you know what I mean? He seriously talked for about three and a half of those four hours. We could honestly hear his entire conversation with the poor, unfortunate lady sitting by him.

I think I finally understand what people mean when they say, "He sure does love to hear himself talk!"

I was ready to threaten him with duct tape... seriously.

I mean, come on! Like I want to hear from a middle-aged, balding, mustached, history teacher about all of his drunken adventures.  *shudder*

Note to self: take duct tape on next plane trip. Lots of it.

We arrived in Baltimore about the same time as my older sister and her husband. We got our rental car and started the trek down to Kensington, Maryland, to the hotel where my family was all sharing rooms.

On our way, we drove right by the Washington D.C. Temple where my brother would be married the next day. It is such a beautiful temple.

When we got down there, we met up with other family members for dinner, all you can eat of course. It's my family's style. We're classy like that.

Honestly, you would have to know my family to understand how truly dangerous it is to go out to eat with them.

L to R: bro-in-law Dave, Hyrum, Jenny, Caleb 
L to R: Hyrum, Jenny, Caleb's friend Hans, Caleb 

I've often wondered how we've managed all these years not to get kicked out of any establishments. I'm starting to wonder if there was some bribe action going on.

Hyrum, Jenny

Anyway, it was especially fun to see my older sister Jenny again. She's always understood me so well. I could always tell by the look on her face that she just.... got me. You know?

My dad too knows me well... too well.

Still, I'll have you know that it's all his fault that I'm eating this. Honest!

It went like this.

He told me there was chocolate cake, I said no thanks I was still feeling car sick, but he didn't listen and got it anyway, so I took one bite to make him happy, and the frosting was just so stinking delicious I ate all the frosting.

See? See? Not my fault!

I was forced! Coerced!

It's true I tell you! I also did it to save my mom from herself. I saw her eyeing my chocolate.

It was an act of true love on my part.

True, unselfish love.

Have I mentioned how I always take responsibility for my own actions?

Then there was Caleb and his good friend Hans.

Seriously, they two were laughing so hard they were crying. And for the life of me, I could never quite catch on to what they heck they were laughing about.

Come to think of it, that may have actually been a really good thing.

The other thing about my family is you can never be sure if you should smile or not smile during a picture since you can never tell what the others are going to do!

I actually feel quite ridiculous being the only one showing off teeth here.

Ah well. I should count my blessings. At least I don't have anything stuck between my teeth... I think.

Like I said, amazing how we've never been kicked out.

After dinner we went to the hotel where everyone was staying. By this time more friends and family had arrived.

My poor sister Becka... or rather, poor little Logan! I'm not quite sure which one I feel more sorry for. Traveling's tough when you're so good looking.

Later that night, it was decided that some of us would run to a store to grab a few needed things.

It turned into the weirdest bachelor party ever..... well, except for the fact that I was there. So the weirdest almost bachelor party ever.

My poor female self and all these guys, loaded up into a vehicle to find a store. It was truly frightening.

Just take my word for it.

L to R: bro-in-law Dave, Caleb, friends Hans and Brandon, Hyrum

After coming across a CVS about two blocks away from the hotel, we all got what we needed then headed back.

Yet somehow, despite all the testosterone mushed into such a tiny space, they managed to get lost.

Did I mention the store was TWO BLOCKS from the hotel? 

After ten minutes of trying to figure out where they were or which direction they were suppose to be going, I was just about to suggest they stop and ask for directions.

But of course that's when we found the CVS again and managed to find our way through the two blocks back to the hotel.

That's when I went straight to bed. Being lost with a car full of males is enough to exhaust anyone.

'Cause, wow. I use to think that whole men and directions thing was so exaggerated since Hubby never gets lost.

But now, I'm a true believer.

TO BE CONTINUED....................

5 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Ha! I missed part of the action...so I am so EXCITED to see DETAILS of several different aspects of this trip! FUN...FUN...FUN...! What was Father thinking...when he sent all of us spirits INTO ONE FAMILY? What did we do BEFORE WE CAME HERE? Ah...one day we will know...but, in the meantime...FUN...FUN...FUN...! (smile)

Sue said...

I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this saga very much...


Valerie said...

Sure looks fun so far!!

Amy said...

You're hilarious and so is your family. My family is like that too. So dang fun and hilarious and sometimes it is also my dad's fault if I eat dessert.

You know, I can just picture you looking over your airplane seat, staring down the guy behind you while you threateningly pull open a large roll of duct tape until he shuts his dang mouth. ha ha!

Garvin Smith said...

A truly gripping saga! Except, I was asleep when you all went to the store. Was that the plan?

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