July 16, 2011

The Great In-Law Reunion

Not having grown up knowing any of my extended family, it was a new experience for me when I got married to suddenly be related to what seemed like half a state.

To me, family reunions were like sports cars. You see them, hear about them, know they exist, but you've never had one.  And those of you who don't like reunions are thinking that's just about the worst comparison you've ever heard.

Imagine my surprise when, not only did Hubby have reunions involving extended family, but also immediate family reunions, once in the summer and once for Christmas.

I suppose it's convenient that his entire family lives within a four hour radius.

The kids in Hubby's family take turns with who is in charge of the reunions, and this summer, it happen to be us.

So I pretty much said, well, good luck with that one honey! Just kidding! I helped... a little. In my defense though, I had just had a baby and things seem to go better when the actual family member runs it.

Friday night after dinner, something strange caught my eye.

Have you seen the new Disney movie, "Tangled" yet? You know the floating lanterns?

I know right? Pretty cool! My SIL found them on-line! You just light 'em up, let 'em go, then they burn out and disintegrate on their own! 

Meanwhile, Hubby was putting his brilliant plan into action.

Ta da! Just like a drive in movie!

Well, almost. As they were trying to set it up using the tractor, my SIL laughing said to me, "You know you're a redneck when..."

At least they're redneck geniuses!

The kids LOVED it! Seriously, what better way to watch "How to train your dragon", right?

And yes, it was fa-reeeezing that night! That's why I took my two baby girls, Alayna and Claira, back to my in-laws house to sleep instead of doing the camping thing.

Even Jacob was frozen stiff.

When I showed up the next morning, it was painfully obvious that hubby had gotten the boys dressed.

*sigh* What can you do.

After breakfast, the train was brought out.

Pretty nifty, huh!

And yes, there are a lot of grandkids, and all 25 of them were there.

Alayna's hair is still all crazy and raggedy from her little hair cutting experience.

Still, I can't help but think her crazy bangs/hair style suits her.

When it was warm enough, because the water was like ice, Hubby brought out the slip-n-slide!

Wahoo! Go little Audry! (my niece)

Even Alayna was brave enough to have a go.

All the water flowing out of the huge sprinkler pipe flooded the area. The kids LOVED it!

And seriously, isn't this little guy just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Now, just a warning, you might want to put on your sunglasses. The darkest ones you have.

And maybe step back several feet. I'd hate for anyone to go blind because of these next pictures.

Meet Hubby's twin brothers, Brock and Bobbie.

Yaowee! Is it just me or did the whole computer suddenly get brighter? That's what happens when one's skin never sees the like of day.

Until you try and blind everyone at your family reunion by taking your shirt off.

Kind of like my legs in the winter.

After a few passes on the little bikes, another brother, Lane, decided to bring out the big guns!

After a while, the kids decided it would be great fun to throw water on the guys as they drove past. I think a shovel or a bucket or two accidentally flew with the water on occasion.

At least, I assume it was accidental.

The kids were armed and ready.

Poor Savannah. She was chasing uncle Brock with a bucket of water, but when she tried to throw it at him, she totally biffed it.

Even Jacob was doing his fair share by scooping up water to, ever so carefully and cautiously, carry it so he could throw it at his uncles.

I know, the muscles on my children are incredible.

The kids played in the water all day.

Except for Alayna. She preferred staying on the bikes.

My SIL gave her that hat and she was just so stinking cute in it I think I took like, twenty pictures of her in it!

It even works for her desire to be a biker chic.

When the kids got tired of the water, my insightful and ever prepared SIL's provided crafts to keep the kids occupied.

As for me, I must have left my insightfulness in my back pocket. For while I made sure my children were caked in plenty of sunscreen, not once did I think to put some on myself.

Sometimes my genius amazes even me.

11 super cool people speak:

Whitney said...

Your pictures make me homesick for Star Valley. It looks like you had tons of fun. The tractor movie is my favorite part!

The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

super cool reunion! I'm fascinated with the floating lanterns. I didn't know they were so big! Where do you get them?

Brenda Susan said...

That look so fun! What a cute and adventuresome family you married into! The property looks like a perfect place for a gathering like that, really pretty and ok to be wet and wild! Thanx for sharing your pics!

marcie said...

You guys did SUCH a great job!! It was seriously a blast. I might have to steal those pictures of my kids off your blog if that's ok! I didn't know we missed the lanterns, they looked super fun though!

Sarah said...

@Damsel, go to www.theskylantern.com. They're only $3 and sooo worth it. We did some for my daughter's birthday in March and they're as magical in person as they are in the movie.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh coooooool! You floated those lanterns!?!? That is so awesome! Looks like a ton of fun everywhere!

Mama Smith said...

That is awesome...Didn't know there were real sky lanterns! Learn something everyday! I LOVE that hat on Alayna!

Larsen said...

I love your blog.....seriously.

Congrats on the basement. Ahhh, that is truly amazing of Luke! Incredible!

Cherie said...

That all looks like such a total blast!!
I love the lanterns :-D

Valerie said...

My family members on both sides of my parents aren't close and I've never been to a family reunion. I recently said that to someone and they said I should start one for my children, along with my parents, sibs and their families. That sounds like a lot of responsibility. And we don't have a tractor or any of that cool stuff to pull it off. :)

Cassie said...

Man I wish I knew about the sky lanterns earlier! We are going to our reunion this week. Ours is huge, it's all my mother in-laws siblings but she is in charge this year so that means we have to help, blah. Happens every six years since she has 5 other siblings. At least it's her and not me though and at least it's extended so I don't have to spend that many days camping with just my husbands family or I would go crazy ;).

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